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There is a famous saying that heaven is a myth, and Nepal is real. Well, it is due to what the country has to offer. The opinions of different people might be different as to what are the best trails for trekking. But one thing is assured all the trails are worth your time and effort.

In the quest to accommodate every trekker be it an expert or a beginner we try and list some of the best trails for trekking in Nepal. It doesn’t matter what list comes out we would like to assess the fact that you need to have basic physical fitness to complete all these treks.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Talking about the best trails for trekking and not including the Everest Base Camp trek at the top is a mistake. Being part of the tallest mountain in the world is quite an adventure, to say the least.

You would need to differentiate 14 days to complete the overall trek. Mostly trekking at EBC peaks during October and November. However enthusiastic tourists trek EBC all around the year.

Gokyo and three passes are the highlights of the trek. You will need to be fit inorder to complete this trek with ease. The biggest attraction of the trek is Mount Everest.

Langtang Valley Trek

You will need to have a strong heart to complete the Langtang Valley trek. Often known as the toughest trek, the Langtang Valley trek has everything you need.

From a racing elevation of 3800m with places like Kyanjin Gompa and Kyanjin Ri the overall trek takes a total of 7 days. The trek will start from Syabru Besi and carry one. Trekkers will have to stay at tea houses and lodges during their time.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Nepal is a hiking heaven and there is hardly any doubt about it. With Annapurna base camp being one of the best trails in Nepal, you will need to be fit to get this trek done.

The maximum elevation in Annapurna Base camp is 4130m with the starting point being Nayapul. The journey starts from Kathmandu with a 25-minute flight to Pokhara. The difficulty of this trek is termed to be moderate with tea houses being the major accommodation attraction.

Upper Mustang Trek

A lot of the trekking trails in Nepal look quite similar. However, things are different when we talk about Upper Mustang Trek. A total of 12 days needs to be separated if you want to do the Upper Mustang trek.

With a maximum altitude of 3810m and the starting point being Jomsom, the Upper Mustang trek is generally termed to be a moderate type of trek. You will have to take a flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara and later to Jomsom.

Upper Mustang is blessed with a heavy Tibetian influence and a lot of hidden caves and gems. You will also have an opportunity to experience the hidden kingdom of Lo Manthang. A massive gem for trekkers.

Gokyo Lake Trek

Similar to the Three Passes trek, the Gokyo Lake trek also has a massive importance to the trekking journey. The maximum elevation for the Gokyo Lakes trek is 5357m which is Gokyo Ri.

As the glacial lakes are all around, it is a wonderful experience for any trekker. You will need to stay at teahouses during the 12 days of the trek. At times, Gokyo Ri can have changing weather.

Talking about the difficulty of the trek it is challenging for anyone. Coming around the Everest Base Camp area you will enter into the valley west of Everest. Gokyo Ri is the highest point of the trek with outstanding views of the tallest mountain.

Poonhill trek

Trekking in Nepal isn’t all about the tough ones. With this blog about the best trails for trekking, we have brought an easier one to the list. The Poonhill trek is an easier yet fascinating trek for anyone.

It takes a total of six days to complete the Poonhill trek. This particular trek comes around Pokhara with panoramic sunrise and sunset views. There are plenty of high-quality lodges and resorts for the stay of the tourist.

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

Nepal is home to 8 of the 10 tallest mountains in the world. One of them on the list is Dhaulagiri. The increasing elevation of the Dhaulagiri circuit trek makes it one of the toughest treks in the country.

As the elevation gets higher and higher, there is less chance of acclimatization. This tends to affect the mindset of the trekkers. 14 days are needed if you want to complete the Dhaulagiri circuit trek.

If you don’t have any prior experience in the field of trekking we don’t suggest you go for the Dhaulagiri Ciruit trek. The maximum altitude in the journey is 5360m with French Col being the place.

Nar Phu Valley Trek

It is critical to provide you with an update on a secretive gem when we focus on the best trails for trekking in Nepal. Not a lot of the tourists talk about the Nar Phu Valley trek as it is a hidden gem, to say the least.

Being in the wilderness, Nar Phu Valley is a real experience when we talk about Nepal. With the maximum altitude being 5240m you have an option to experience massive toughness.

Nar Phu Valley lies in the wilder so there are hardly brilliant facilities. 9 days are required to complete the trek. Nar Phu Valley was open to tourists only in 2002 which makes it even more special.

Tamang Heritage Trekking trail

The list of best trails for trekking in Nepal ends with a new trekking trail for the tourist. You might not have heard about the Tamang heritage trekking trail. This particular trek talks about the beauty of Tamang culture to say the least.

As this trail is more about a newfound location, it is criminal to expect luxury hotels, resorts, and lodges here. Along with the local culture of Tamang, there is an opportunity to get souvenirs for you.

Tamang in this place have lived for hundreds of years so the actual essence and meaning of the trekking can be expected during the trek.

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