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Nepal the country known for its natural beauty, people, and culture is one of the best places to visit. The exploration of Nepal is a dream for many international peoples. They arrive in Nepal to taste the various aspects of Nepal, to calm their hunger for adventure. Nepal is also a tourism-based country, lots of people in Nepal are involved in tourism. The country promotes tourism and gives warm welcome to the individuals who are there for the Exploration of Nepal.

Exploration of Nepal takes some time, as the country has many things to show. On the Comparisons of the area, the country may fall short comparing to other big countries. However, for a country with such an average area, the country has lots of wonders hidden in its pockets. Nepal is located in South Asia between China and India with no direct access to the sea. The country locked with the masses from all its sides is has a unique combination of both natural beauties and cultural beauty.

To explore Nepal as a tourist, the individuals need to have a tourist visa. The country is hugely invested in tourism so one does not have to go all lengthy troubles to be able to get tourist visas to Nepal. However, there are various rules for how to get a tourist visa to Nepal. This also hugely depends upon the nationality of the individuals visiting Nepal. The rules of visa, payment, length of stay, permit all vary according to the nationality.

The rules of stay and visa are much more flexible to our neighbor country India and China, then comes the propriety of the SAARC countries and so on. It is best to know about the visa and rules of nationality from the official immigration site of Nepal as it provides all the required information about the visa and rules according to your nationality. The regular tourist visa provided by the immigration office is of 150 days, however, this period can be extended by showing the reason for more stay or getting other special visas.

The Exploration of Nepal can be completed physically in one year period. However, the time is insufficient for the individuals who utterly understand the mountains, plains, and culture of this mystic land. However, if one is aiming for exploration of Nepal, they also will have one of the most amazing experiences of their lifetime.

Kathmandu valley

Kathmandu valley is the capital of the country. It is the economical capital of the country. The city is surrounded by hills and forests from all sides. It gives the experience of nature at its edges, amazing night city life at the centers, and thrilling cultural experiences all around it. The exploration of Nepal begins with Kathmandu itself as the individual will have to get here at first as the city has the only international airport in the country.

It takes quite an amount of time to know the city completely. The city has all the elements that make it a center of tourist attractions. Everything a tourist desires and wants to experience in Kathmandu can provide it all. To fully experience Kathmandu even the weeks, fail to provide. From the luxury of the international hotels to the amazing hiking trails, Kathmandu has it all. Exploration of Nepal cannot be completed without Kathmandu.

Kathmandu from a cultural point is also especially important. The valley alone hosts 7 cultural heritage sites that belong to the UNESCO world heritage sites. However, that is not all it also has monuments and temples that are no less than those UNESCO-listed sites. All parts of the valley are the gem that needs to be explored fully. Also, the valley is special in a matter that it is the brief collection of all the peoples and cultures of Nepal. Many from the various parts of the country have migrated here so they represent all of Nepal.

Terai exploration

Terai covers the lower belt of Nepal. Its borders India and is the essential element of the one-year exploration of Nepal. Terai holds the best things that need to be explored on one year visit. The land is very flat in contrast to the mountain region so this time of exploration of Nepal will be extremely easy. The exploration begins with the lifestyle of the incredibly unique people.

The region is also famous for how lavishly and extraordinal they enjoy and celebrate their festivals. If you happen to be on terai during the festivals in Nepal like Holi, Tihar, Chaat, Shivaratri then only you will be able to comprehend what is their celebration will be like. Terai also holds a substantial number of evergreen forests of the country which makes its forests green all around the year. It is also the food bank of the country, the large land covered by the crops is a magnificent sight to see.

The forests

Forest is one of the biggest gems Nepal has in its crown. The exploration of Nepal for a year is incomplete if one does not explore its forests. Every part of Nepal except the most upper mountain region of Nepal is filled with forests. Even the biggest cities and the most populated areas of the country are bordered by forests.

The amount of plant life present in this land is unparalleled. The land is home to so much vegetation because the mountainous topography and hills surrounded the area create a micro-climate that can self-sustain thus resulting in variations. Most of the forests of Nepal are protected either by converting them into the national park, wildlife reserve, or even community forest where the locals of the area protect the forest.

Adventure at the exploration of Nepal reaches its peak during visiting these forests. Only speaking about the national parts there are ten national parks scattered in the country which alone may take weeks if want to be explored in detail. The forest and wildlife in the country are so amazing that its entire year is dedicated to visiting and watching the flora and fauna of the country it will not be enough.

Due to the high amount of forest, the land is home to one of the endangered species of the world like one-horned rhinoceros, Bengal tiger, red panda, snow leopard, and much more. The flora and fauna are the core of tourism of Nepal, a significant amount of exploration of Nepal will be spent on these.

City life

There are few settlements in Nepal, where the population of the country is much more centralized than in other parts of the country. Exploration of Nepal takes another turn from natural beauty to settlements beauty when you enter these cities. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar, Butwal, Birgunj, Dharan, Bharatpur, Hetauda, Itahari, Banepa are some of the big cities of Nepal. The city life is extremely busy and sometimes can be chaotic.

However, there is beauty hidden there if one looks closely enough. Inside these cities are the biggest temples of Nepal and have mass tourism. Like Kathmandu has Pashupati Nath and other big temples, Pokhara has taal Varahi. Also, the nightlife of these cities is amazing. If one is going to spend their time in any of these cities, they must try the foods, their culture, and their amazing lifestyle. Dharan, Kathmandu, and Pokhara are most famous for their restaurants, exotic food, partying, and nightlife. Exploration of Nepal is incomplete without knowing their cities.

Mountain region and Mountains

Mountain region and mountains are the biggest elements of the exploration of Nepal. The country is famous for its mountain all around the world. Exploration of Nepal would not be as amazing as it is if it were not for the mountains. Most of the mountains located in the country are located in the northern regions. During the one-year exploration of Nepal, one can go to the basecamps of many mountains for trekking or various circuit routes to see the beautiful mountains.

If by chance the one spending one year on an exploration of Nepal is a mountaineer, he/she also may attempt to summit one or two of the mountains. It will be an excellent opportunity to be able to climb a mountain during the exploration of Nepal. It takes about 2 or 2.5-month maximum to summit the mountain and returns including all the training exercise, trek to the base camp, equipment selection, permit and passes, deal with travel agencies and luckily one due to exploration of Nepal one has enough time.

There are 1310 peaks in Nepal that are above 5500m above sea level. Among the top 10 highest mountains in the world, Nepal alone has eight of them with Mount Everest standing at the top of the world. If one is into mountains one year time in Nepal will give them enough to be near mountains as much as their heart demands.

Also, they will have lots of mountains to choose from, they can either visit the most popular mountains in the world like Everest, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Ama Dablam. However, if they like they can also visit the least visited mountains. Also, in Nepal there as many peaks that have not been climbed even till today.

Rural Nepal

Nepal has a very varied topography. The average width of Nepal is about 193km. On this distance, the three geographical belts of Nepal are located Hilly, Himalayan, and Mountain. Due to this varied topography, the lifestyle of people varies with even small distances. The lifestyle of rural Nepal is quite different from the main cities and popular tourist destinations. One year of exploration of Nepal will give one enough time to explore rural Nepal also.

Rural Nepal is the unexplored gem of Nepal. It has immensely beautiful spots that have huge tourism potential but due to the negligence from the government and lack of exploration their gems are still hidden in plain sights. The people of this region have different lifestyles and own way of living, celebrating which is not seen anywhere in the world.

For the visitors who want to explore unfamiliar places, find the hidden tourism treasures, and stay away from mainstream tourist destinations and enjoy the serenity of the locations rural Nepal is for you. There are many places in Nepal with such features and it will not be hard to find and visit them. In one year, time one can taste true rural serene Nepal, which still has not mixed with modernization, mixed culture, and other things which makes it an utterly unique experience.

Culture, food, lifestyles, and peoples

Nepal is a common home to people of very varied ethnicity, religion, and cates. The number of ethnicities, religion, language that is found in this small country is unique. This results in various unique cultures, lifestyles, and amazing ways of living for the people of Nepal.

The various casts and ethnic group of people have their unique way of living, celebrating their festivals, wearing clothes, which is incredibly unique to all other ethnic groups. Nepal is a true heaven for those who are immersed in learning about the varied culture and lifestyles. On the one-year exploration of Nepal, the visitors can get a true taste of what true cultural harmony looks like.

Due to this, the season of festivals continues throughout the year, and they also represent the life of people here. Dashain and Tihar are the major festivals of all the Nepalese. Other festivals are special to specific ethnic groups and celebrated throughout the year, Losar, Chatt, Maghi Sankranti, Guru Purnima, etc. The one exploring Nepal for a year can experience all these.

Another result of this varied culture is the food. The people of diverse cultures have their special type of food. They make the foods with their special process which reflects their own culture. The cultural foods of the Newari people of Nepal are most unique and huge in number in comparison to all the other ethnic groups. However, other ethnic groups also have their unique way of living, celebrating culture and foods. One year of exploration of Nepal will give the explorer time to be close to one of the tastiest dishes and cultural foods.

One year is a small-time to understand Nepal and explore all of it. However, one can touch and experience a great fraction of all the aspects of Nepal. These were the majority and best of the things one can do during their one-year exploration of Nepal. However, there is much more one can experience in their visit to Nepal.