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Amazing Facts of Nepal

People from my circle know me for keeping things to myself. Well, some things do not meet the eye. I love to explore the great outdoors and in recent years, my quest for adventure led me to numerous fascinating places in Nepal and India. I got to experience the humidity in the crowded streets of Chennai, endured the arduous walk to the holy Tiger’s Nest monastery and saw my life flash before my eyes while rafting on the Maling river. You can say that my life is everything but ordinary.

While traversing the globe, I ventured into Nepal as well. The reason behind my visit was mostly attributed to observing vibrant colors of culture and natural scenery on Instagram and Facebook. After sorting out my stuff and lots of schedule, on 12 October 2019 I headed out to Nepal. During my visit which lasted for 3 weeks, I witnessed a great episode of love and adventure. This blog shall explore the best things about Nepal.

List of Best 10 Things To Do in Nepal

  1. Visiting Kathmandu Valley; City of Temples
  2. Sightseeing Ancient Temples(Changu Narayan Temple, Pashupatinath, Krishna Mandir, etc.)
  3. Trekking in Highest peaks of the world(Mount Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, etc.)
  4. Rafting(Trishuli, Sunkoshi, Bhoteykoshi, Karnali, etc.)
  5. Bungy Jumping(Bhoteykoshi)
  6. Paragliding(Pokhara, Kathmandu)
  7. Skydiving in Everest
  8. Exploring Nepalese Culture
  9. Sunrise and Sunset View(Nagarkot, Sauraha, Illam, etc.)
  10. Exploring Pokhara; City of Lakes

There was something magical about this country and I could just feel it. Heading towards the arrival section, I was a bit disappointed by the condition of the airport and its staff. Nevertheless, I proceeded towards my hotel. I was so caught up in my plans that I didn’t realize that we had arrived at the hotel. As I finalized my itinerary, it was time to embark on a new journey.

The first leg of the tour involved exploring the world heritage sites that were in the Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu Durbar Square and Patan Durbar Squares amazed me with their intricate architectural allure. Taleju temple, in my opinion, was the best. The temple opens only once a year which added a mysterious appeal to it. The Squares were built by the Malla kings more than a hundred years ago. To a foreigner, it is a goldmine but to the locals, it is a gathering spot. Youngsters and old people alike were basking in the sun and sipping tea. It’s astonishing to see people so laid back in the 21st century!

Dodging through traffic and the morning rush, I reached Swoyambhunath. My guide was rambling on about the many mysteries about this hill. From the entire conversation, I managed to hear only ‘lake’ and ‘sprouted from a lotus’. If you are reading this then I’m sorry Mr. Guide for not paying attention. The stupa was home to a plethora of monkeys and if you’re not careful, then they will snatch your stuff. From the summit, one can observe the entirety of the Kathmandu valley. Certain temples were under construction but it did not hamper the peaceful ambiance of the stupa. The same thing happened with Changunarayan except the scenery was much more appealing. It is supposed to be the oldest temple in Nepal and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The price of food and local communication is comparatively expensive in Kathmandu but I guess it’s the same with other major cities.

Upon completing the sightseeing tour and learning about the treks, I decided to take the famed Annapurna Base Camp trek. I had taken treks before but all of them paled in comparison to what I was about to embark upon. I chose this trek because it was everything that I asked for. Well, even more!

Visited Pokhara: One of the Best Place To visit in Nepal

The second leg of the journey took me to Kathmandu’s sister city Pokhara. I had plans to go by bus but I was too excited to sit still for 7 hours. The word ‘Beautiful’ does not do justice to Pokhara. It is an abode for nature lovers. The city houses the majestic Fewa lake and Begnas lake. Although boating was a bit expensive, I enjoyed it a lot. The World Peace Pagoda is eerily silent but the view from there is simply splendid. I got to meet numerous travel fanatics like myself at Lakeside and we shared common interests as well.

The trekking begins from today and I found myself walking along densely forested trails. The ascent to the hills is tiring but the constant companion of Annapurna and Macchapucchre is assuring. Ghandruk was the initial resting spot and it is mostly occupied by the Gurung people. They are mostly renowned as ‘Gurkhas’ and young boys endure hard training to become a Gurkha soldier. At Kimrong Khola, we saw people collecting water and the surreal view of Annapurna was available at Chhomrong. The high elevation was taking its toll on me so my guide decided that we rest.

Best Experience of Annapurna and Chitwan

After 2 days of huffing and puffing, I made it to the Annapurna Base Camp. Upon arriving at the base camp, I felt that I had conquered the world (not exaggerating). The view of Annapurna, Macchapucchre, and Dhaulagiri was simply surreal. The road down to Pokhara saw us take the same path. We resided at local teahouses and I was impressed by the simplicity of the locals. I got a much-needed insight as to what is the meaning of life and how much we take things for granted. After almost two weeks of eating dal-bhat, I had some delightful cuisine at Pokhara.

My body was beyond tired but my thirst for adventure was not satiated. I headed out to Chitwan and took a safari tour inside the famed Chitwan National Park. This park was once a hunting ground but later was transformed into a sanctuary. Boating in the Rapti river was tranquil and I even go to observe Gharials. The exquisite display of culture and religion by the Tharu people was beyond amazing and the food was great too.

The day of reckoning had finally arrived and I was to leave Nepal in the afternoon. As you read this, I am heading home on an airplane. I am taking back all the memories and experiences that I have accumulated in the past month. Out of the countless countries, I have visited, I can proudly say that the best thing about Nepal is its people.