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8 highest peak of Nepal 

In the world, Nepal has a reputation for being a country filled with snow-laden mountains. It does not enjoy the moniker ‘Land of mountains’ for no reason. The country is home to numerous 8000 meters+ mountains with Mount Everest taking the lead at 8848 meters. Besides Everest, there are other frosty giants that need your undivided attention. Through this blog, we shall take a look at some of the highest peak of Nepal.

1. Mount Everest

The first and foremost mountain that makes in our list is none other than the colossal Mount Everest. Standing at an elevation of 8848 meters, it the holy grail for mountain climbers. The mountain witnesses’ climbers from across the globe with hopes and aspirations to become an integral component of history. Ever since the conquest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa in 1953, its reputation has boomed.

It sits in the famous Sagarmatha National Park in Solukhumbu. This park sits in the high Himalayas and as a result, it is home to other famous mountains too. If you want to climb this highest peak of Nepal, then you can choose the Mount Everest expedition. On the contrary, if you wish to visit the base camp only, then there is the Everest Base Camp trek. Both of these journeys will undoubtedly be a memorable experience.

Everest Base Camp trekking is one of the most popular trekkings in Nepal. Every year many foreigners come to Nepal just to see the highest peak of the world “Mount Everest”.

2. Kanchenjunga Himal belongs to one of the highest peaks of Nepal

The Kanchenjunga mountain bags the spot of 3rd highest peak in the world at an elevation of 8586 meters. It resides in the eastern part of Nepal and calls the Taplejung district, its abode. In comparison to other mountain climbing expeditions, it is secluded, remote, and difficult. Humans perched its summit in 1955 and paved the way for further expeditions.

The huge Kanchenjunga mountain stands as a deity that protects the locals. To witness the glory of this mountain, you should take the Kanchenjunga circuit trek which lasts for 20+ days. It would be a true test of your grit and determination. I mean, it did not make it into our list of the highest peak of Nepal if it wasn’t challenging!

3. Lhotse

The word ‘Lhotse’ means south peak in Tibetan language and like its name, it sits south of Everest. Lhotse is often overshadowed by the glorious Mount Everest but Lhotse stands at 8511 meters. In addition, it also has the accolade of being the 4th highest mountain in the world. Like Everest, to reach Lhotse, you need to enter the Sagarmatha National Park.

An expedition to Lhotse will familiarize you with its risky routes and treacherous edges. Many people have lost their lives while trying to tame this beast. It was only on May 18, 1956, that two Swiss individuals finally conquered this peak. If you want to experience the rocky terrain then do take the Lhotse expedition. It is on our list of the highest peak of Nepal for a reason.

4. Makalu

Although the Makalu mountain is the 5th highest peak in the world, it is yet to gain tourist attention. It stands at an elevation of 8463 meters and resides in the quiet Makalu Barun National Park. Unlike other mountains, it has a pyramid-like shape with sharp ridges spread out in four directions. Climbing this mountain is easier said than done as the weather is pretty unpredictable and the paths are difficult too. Take the Makalu expedition and check what I’m saying is correct or not.

5. Cho Oyu

Yet another mountain that resides in the Sagarmatha National Park is the Cho Oyu mountain. It is a part of the Khumbu Mahalangur section and it sits near Everest. It holds the position of the 6th highest mountain in the world and yeah, it is pretty amazing. Not only does it make it in our list of the highest peak of Nepal, but it is also worth climbing too.

In proximity to Cho Oyu lies the Nangpa La glacial pass. Through this pass, one can climb the Cho Oyu mountain with relative ease. Likewise, the Nangpa La pass was the ancient trade route between Nepalese and Tibetans in the 15th century. If you feel the thirst for adventure and romance, then do take the Cho Oyu expedition.

6. Dhaulagiri

Let’s move away from the Everest region and head to the Annapurna region. Here, the Dhaulagiri mountain stands at an awe-inspiring height of 8167 mountain. Very few people know that it is the 7th highest mountain in the world. In addition, it does not see many trekkers and climbers too. It is one of the less-ventured highest peak of Nepal.

To access this mountain, you need to enter the Annapurna Conservation Area and navigate through hills and snow. Finally, you’ll reach the summit after at least 20+ days of climbing. The road to the summit is difficult. If you feel the expedition is difficult, then you can take the Dhaulagiri Sanctuary trek.

7. Manasalu

The Manasalu mountains are a holy deity of the people living in the Manasalu region. The mountain stands at a height of 8163 meters and has a unique shape. In the past, the Manasalu region was a restricted area, and only in recent years, it was opened to the public. People willing to explore this region can take the Manasalu expedition or the Manasalu circuit trek. While exploring this region, you’ll understand why it is on the list of the highest peak of Nepal.

8. Annapurna mountain

The Annapurna mountain is the trademark of the Annapurna base camp trek and the Annapurna expedition. It stands at 8091 meters and is the 10th highest mountain in the world. Travelers willing to explore this region can witness amazing landscapes, delightful scenery, and wildlife. The routes, culture, and people are incomprehensible and the memory it provides is simply phenomenal. Do take the Annapurna base camp trek if you want to understand what nature feels like.