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The definition of eco trekking varies from country to country and the wide use of the term. However, the most prominent definition of the word is a type of trekking with a defined purpose and positive impact. Nowadays, eco trekking is becoming increasingly popular due to its impact in the people as well as the environment.

Eco trekking is not as simple as its sound because both eco trekkers and the staff need to follow the specific rules and be in the boundary of that rules during the trekking. During the trekking, the eco trekkers and the staff need to be cautious about the various aspects to make their journey a successful one.

The guidelines that eco trekkers and staff need to follow during the eco trekking are as follows:

1) Definite Purpose

The first and foremost important thing for eco trekkers and staff is to have a definite purpose for the journey. The complete definition of eco trekking is based on the purpose of the journey. The purpose can be anything simple to complex motive. The purpose of the journey can even be spreading awareness to the community, financial aid to the marginalized community, fund collection for plantation etc.

2) Fixed area and travel period

Just having a purpose and haphazardly going here and there is not called eco-tourism. Eco trekkers must have a fixed location that supports and justifies their visit purpose. Also, a pre fixed time boundary during which they must achieve their targeted goal.

3) Minimize the negative impact on the environment

Another, important guide line for the eco trekkers is that their actions should not have any negative impact on the environment. The eco trekkers should always be cautious that what are they doing and either it is having a negative impact on the environment. They should complete avoid the avoidable acts that hampers the environment or minimize them as much as they could.

4) Respect and follow the local rules

Rules, regulations, sentimental values, religion are the things that varies from country to country and place to place. It is not necessary that same religion, regulations are followed by the locals as the eco trekkers. So, it is the most important duty of the eco trekkers to respect the sentimental values and follow the rules provided by their local hosts.

5) Look for a way to aid the locals

It is the duty of the eco trekkers to look for ways to empower their hosts. They must have a keen sense of moral duty towards their hosts. They can empower their hosts in numerous ways. They can aware their hosts about their purpose, there and own roles in the protection of the environment. They can even make aware the locals about the ways of minimizing their negative in the environment.

6) Enhancing eco-tourism

Enhancing eco-tourism is one of the major works of the eco trekkers. They can increase the tourism of the locality as well as enhance eco-tourism at the same time. They can make the vlog, write experience stories and guidelines to follow for eco-tourism. This activity not only increases the tourist flow but enhance eco-tourism also. The visitors can also tell their experience to their family and friends, encouraging them to take a visit.

7) Positive experience and Impact

Eco trekking should have positive impact in the environment. It should be also able to provide lot of experience to the eco trekkers and the local peoples. From co-operation, to co-ordination as a team, dealing with people’s eco- trekkers have lots to gain from eco-trekking.

8) Happy experience

All positive impact on the society and environment are good. However, it is a tour with your friends and eco trekkers should have loads of fun in the process. Eco trekkers and locals should have a cherish able time with lots of happy memory.