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Overview- expedition in Nepal

Whether you are a mountaineer or an adventurer, you have come to the right blog to know about trekking in Nepal. There is a fine line between telling an adventure story and being a part of it. There are several expedition in Nepal. It makes you understand what it means to be a true mountaineer.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most frequent expeditions in Nepal and how you can be a part of it. After reading this blog, you will have a brief knowledge of geography and mountains of Nepal. Not only that, you can also find your climbing equipment!

Trekking in Nepal is not an easy task. An expedition that the most daring and adventurous take with pride and joy can be difficult for others. Reaching the summit in Nepal is a dangerous ordeal. But since you’re reading this blog, we’re guessing you’re one of the bravest candidates. So, without any delay let’s get to the point.

The holy grail of mountaineering is undoubtedly the Khumbu region. The region is home to several 8000 meter+ mountains in the world including the mighty Mount Everest. Here is a selection of some of the best expedition in Nepal.

1. Mount Everest expedition in Nepal

The first thing that comes to mind is ‘Mount Everest expedition’ when discussing expedition in Nepal. Mount Everest expedition is the most favorite and loved expedition not only in Nepal but also in the world. I mean, who wouldn’t want to etch their name in history?! And tell me he doesn’t want to have a big perk on his mountaineering CV?! A Mount Everest expedition lasts about 2 months. And it’s a lifetime memory.

Follow the basic Everest Base Camp trek till the base camp and from there your mountaineering journey really begins. Find yourself battling steep slopes, slippery terrains and icy gusts and strong winds.

Slowly proceed to other camps. And find yourself on top of the world. The view from above is simply amazing. Also, there are internet facilities at the summit. So, in your spare time, you can also use the internet.

2. Cho Oyu expedition in Nepal

Mount Cho Oyu stands at a height of 8201 meters and conquering it is the dream of many climbers. Due to its popularity, it has earned a place in the list of best expeditions in Nepal.

The ascent takes about 45 days to complete. And on the journey you will witness uninhabited natural landscapes. Drive past pristine Sherpa villages and frosty terrain before starting the climb. The way to the peak of Cho Yu demands every bit of energy from you. So tread carefully.

3. Ama Dablam expedition

Mount Ama Dablam is known as the ‘Matterhorn of the Himalayas’ among the locals. Its unusual shape is the reason for its famous name. An expedition to its summit is a remarkable journey that teaches you many things about life in the mountainous regions.

Initially navigate through the original Everest Base Camp trek and then spend around 2 weeks climbing the mountain. After spending some time in snowy terrain, you will go home on day 30.

As we discuss the amazing expeditions in the Khumbu region, let’s move on to some other expeditions. These expeditions have the potential to be the best expeditions in Nepal.

4. Manasalu expedition

Among the expeditions in Nepal, Manasalu Yatra is also an amazing experience. Mount Manasalu retains its dignity as the 8th highest mountain in the world. Climbing this peak is indeed not an easy task. And climbers need very advanced skills to conquer it.

During this journey of approximately 7 weeks, you will meet a lot of people. And understand the culture and people far away from the modern world. The climbing trip takes you through extremely icy trails and challenging terrain. If you have a thirst for culture and natural wonder, this is a wonderful place to quench your thirst.

5. Api Himal expedition

The western region of Nepal has forests. and has an unexplored reputation. The famous Api Himal is located in this forest. It is a recently opened climbing route. But it offers an amazing climbing experience.

Among the expeditions in Nepal, ‘Api Himal Expedition’ offers another thrilling experience. This expedition will last for about 2 months. Compared to other expeditions, it can be a bit long. But it is worth it for expedition lovers. Himalayas, rural Nepal and its splendor unfold before your eyes.

Api Himal expedition is on its way to be considered as the best expedition in Nepal.

6. Dhaulagiri expedition

Dhaulagiri mountain is huge. and is situated in the north-central part of Nepal. An expedition to its summit involves walking along a long crest that spans more than 25 miles.

Navigate along glaciers, avalanches and huge ridges. Climbing Dhaulagiri is difficult. Because, it involves the application of technical skills. The trail to the summit takes at least 7 weeks. So if you want to climb it, brace yourself!


7. Makalu expedition

The Makalu expedition has a reputation for being tough, technical and difficult. However, it is this aspect that attracts climbers. The mountain is full of sharp ridges and steep pitches. It is a difficult ordeal to climb.

At the summit you have your technical skills for rock climbing. To top it off, weather conditions play a huge role in determining whether your climb will be successful or not. We hope that this information will not dampen your spirits but on the contrary boost your spirits.

After reading this blog, we have this intuition that you will be joining an expedition in Nepal soon. Also, you will mean the best expedition on your own in Nepal.