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Exploring something new without proper knowledge about that topic can lead us to death also. There is plenty of information regarding how to acquire safety during trekking but due to lack of information regarding the mistakes in trekking, so many people come to lose their life. Half knowledge is dangerous, so before going to trekking you must be aware of everything related to it. From packing problems to health and safety, there are many points that need to be considered before proceeding to trek. It is better to know about the biggest mistakes trekkers made so that you can avoid it.

Definitely, preparation is the most important part to avoid mistakes in trekking for your safety. If you are fully prepared there is a minute chance of getting hurt. Here are some of the mistakes to avoid in trekking, which leads you towards death.

1. Weather issues

Going for trekking during the excessively hot or cold day can bring problems during the trip. It is definitely not a good idea to be a part of trekking during non-favorable weather. The time of day also matters. It is cooler in the morning and after sunset, so they are ideal times for hiking. So, don’t make these mistakes in trekking. You need to know the avalanche safety techniques in case of bad weather.

2. Non-hydrated body- great mistakes in trekking

Nothing will be more crucial to safe trekking than drinking plenty of water during the trip. Water, sports drinks, and energy drinks can be a good option to make our body hydrated but drinking alcohol can cause dehydration and you are likely to lose fluids from the body.

3. Lack of energy

Every hiker needs the energy to continue hiking. So the type of food you bring and eat is very important. Snacks such as energy bars, salty food, beef jerky, etc. are some classic trekking food. Food with little nutrition won’t help your body to continue trekking and you can be faint or unconscious.

4. Not wearing proper clothes is the next mistakes in trekking

The dressing is another important part of trekking. Heavy clothes can bring you down and loose clothes offer no protection. A dry fit and lightweight clothes are recommended during trekking. Your shoes should be comfortable.

5. Trekking alone

If you are new to trekking, then it’s better to be in a group. Trek with others or at least with a guide for safety and help. If something goes wrong then your fellow trekkers can offer you help. Going alone is a risk to take.

6. Poor packing- Never do the mistakes in your trekking

Your essentials should be your priority. If you are suffering from any kind of disease then you are ought to carry your medicines. Poor packing can lead you to death so before trekking make a list of all your essentials and don’t bury any kinds of stuff you will easily need during trekking.  Check here the proper trekking stuffs you need to take during your trekking.

7. Taking a shortcut

Shortcuts can be a long way for your death. Before taking any steps, you should think at least twice about the consequences that may result. Think before choosing routes.

8. Not using maps

Even on the trails where you have trekked before, you can make a wrong turn. The more you think you know the place, the less you actually know. So always, bring a map with colorful markers during trekking.

9. Attempting treks that are closed for that season

This is one of the most repeated mistakes in trekking the trekkers do. Trekking is closed for a reason and even if you do not feel any, there are many dangers during that time. It may be closed due to weather or wild animals or anything so trekking during restricted seasons can lead us to death.

10. Sunscreen and sunglasses

Another important part of trekking is sunscreens and sunglasses. Changing weather can hinder your eyes and skin permanently. Therefore, sunscreens and sunglasses protects us from harmful rays and help us to complete our trekking successfully.

The trekking sport is getting hype every day and it is easy to see why. We all need refreshment from the hustle and bustle of our daily life. It seems ideal to choose trekking for refreshment but this refreshment comes with a possibility of danger. It is more likely that you will be taken down by your own mistakes in trekking and sometimes it can cause your death. Therefore, before going for trekking make sure you are adopting safety measures.