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With tall mountains, beautiful people, and a great hospitable nature, Nepal is a country to visit for everyone. The trekking bliss in the Himalayas of Nepal is an experience of a lifetime.

Not only that there are some unique reasons why you should visit Nepal. One might say that a lot of country has beautiful mountains but the natural essence of the place is the key. Today we will focus majorly on what makes Nepal a trekking bliss compared to any other country.

Yeti Folklore and legendary talks

Nepal is a country rich in history and culture. One of the reasons to feel the trekking bliss in the mountains of Nepal is the yeti folklore and stories. The Himalayan region of Nepal is blessed with the mythical yeti and abominable snowman stories.

There are stories from foreigners about yeti which has been famous all over Nepal. Along with the exploration of the mountains, you could hear stories from Sherpas about how yeti appears and its impact. Such a fascinating thing to do.

Exploration of glacial lake

You will need to reach the top of the mountain and see what a glacial lake looks like. As dull as it might sound the trekking bliss is fulfilled by how massive a glacier lake looks.

During the peak trekking season, the glacial lake is known to provide a pristine spectacle for every tourist to enjoy. Being the less explored part of the mountain, these glaciers are a delight to sore eyes.

Finding medicinal plants and herbs

The mountains of Nepal are blessed with uniqueness and rare at the same time. However, you will need to reach the toughest places to achieve the trekking bliss.

From Yarsagumba to shilajit and other medicinal herbs, the mountains of Nepal are blessed to have that in abundance. Any trekkers with an interest in medicinal herbs have the opportunity to learn about the art through the local tourists and guides.

But the new trekkers are tourists who aren’t allowed to extract or go into medicinal herbs hunting. As the mountains aren’t stable at times the risk of life can’t come through for any guide or the trekking company.

Sky level burial

You might have never heard about it but sky-level burial is a reality. When you plan for the trekking bliss in the mountains of Nepal you will come closer with the sky burial experience.

It might sound scary but the trekkers who die in the mountains are placed at a top spot for the birds to feed. Yes, that’s true. They will have the human flesh which is dead at the top.

When you are trekking in the tougher mountains you will come across such places to know the sacred value and importance of such places to the local people.

High-altitude yoga and meditation retreats

Trekking is important if you feed on adrenalin. However, there is much more that can be absorbed with the help of mixing yoga with other practices.

At The Trek Nepal, we try and attach trekking with yoga which results in brilliant productivity. As the mountains of Nepal are holy to many they provide a brilliant environment for yoga and meditation.

A lot of the past tourists have stated that such yoga and meditation practises at the top of the mountain have resulted in better mental health and also finding inner peace and tranquility. The Trek Nepal has been working with Nepal Yoga Home to provide yoga with trekking, meditation, and Ayurveda. However, you won’t know until you try.

Finding forbidden caves and kingdoms

If you are a travel adventure geek the trekking bliss in Nepal results in finding the forbidden caves along with the kingdoms too. Lo Manthang is majorly known as the forbidden kingdom for many.

This particular place is located in the Mustang region. Other than that the trekkers also have an opportunity to discover some of the ancient and hidden caves. Such caves have been used by saints to find peace.

For a very long time, the saints and sages have used such caves to do their meditation and also to find inner peace. If you are lucky enough you might have an opportunity to meet some of them too.

Community-based tourism projects

There are various reasons as to why is Nepal different than other countries for trekking. Just to make it clear, Nepal has some unique trekking options, to say the least. One of the most famous is the community-based tourism project.

The main reason to perform community-based tourism is to empower the local people and the community as well. From employing tourism we also work in the overall development of the place.

Community-based tourism works for the sustainable approach which works wonders for the local community. The community development projects along the route are a positive aspect, to say the least.

Meteorological observations

Imagine you are standing at the top of the mountain and the stars look very close to you. With the Milky Way galaxy peeking down at you, this particular trek surely looks bliss to you.

Nepal is known to provide such life-changing experiences for its tourists. The meteorological experience of watching the stars from a weather station is a pleasant feeling.

Other than that you also have an opportunity to predict the weather, climate change, and meteorological phenomena. Without a doubt, this separates Nepal from other trekking experiences.

Bird watching options

Nepal is a country rich in flora and fauna but did you know that it is rich in birds as well? The trekking bliss in Nepal cannot be complete without the experience of enjoying the birds.

There are more than 800 types of birds which are available for the tourist to see and enjoy. Not only that you will have an opportunity to join the bird-watching expedition group along with the experienced guides.

Mainly in the national parks and reserve centers, there are bird-watching zones that are prepared for the experience at large. Asian Wooly neck stork, spinny babbler, Steppe Eagle, etc are some of the rare birds found in Nepal.