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Introduction To Yoga

Back in those days, people used to refer ‘yoga’ to be a spiritual process and unknowingly used to judge others for transforming themselves into a yogi or following the path that would nevertheless have any positive influence. Things have drastically changed in the present context and yoga has become a ‘day-to-day and a ‘door-to-door’ trendsetter. Nepal Yoga Home is one of the best yoga school to experience yoga retreat and yoga teacher training

Yoga has been referred to be a Sanskrit word which includes the involvement of not only physical but mental and spiritual practices. Yoga is derived from Sanskrit and is connected with the term ‘yoke’ in English. Yoga is said to have been originated from the ancient Indian philosophies. Its origins have been dated to the pre-Vedic Indian traditions and have been quoted in Rigveda. Many sculptures state that Yoga in Nepal is ancient. The development then began in the sixth and fifth centuries in ancient India.

The order of yoga is not much clear and has been said to be found in the Upanishads. Patanjali which has now become a popular brand consisted of various sutras in the form of yoga and some believe it is the actual foundation of yoga which started in the first half of the first millennium. Its popularity began in the 20th century. Yoga did not cover much in itself in the past but these days it has transformed into a new dimension not only in the east but the west as well. It was Swami Bibekananda who is believed to have introduced the foundation of yoga in the west but his preaching did not include the asanas. Various forms of yoga that are practiced by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains, and even the Christians.

Based on the Hindu tradition, the practices of yoga cover Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Laya Yoga and also Hatha Yoga. The classical form of yoga also known as Astanga (Yoga of eight limbs) or Raja Yoga has been highlighted from the famous Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Though in an unclear form, the classical yoga is said to have appeared from the Upanishads. Ashtanga yoga was later proposed by Vivekananda and it was previously named as ‘Raja yoga’. The main aim of ‘Raja Yoga’ was to go to the state of Samadhi and for that the practice of eight limbs is essential. The ‘eight-limbed’ includes Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, pratyahara, Dharana, dhyana and Samadhi.

Buddhist yoga, on the other hand, included various methods and the ultimate goal is Bodhi which relates to awakening or abandonment which could be the end of suffering and rebirth. Jain yoga includes the following of nonviolence, almsgiving (Dana), austerity (tapa) meaning fasting and other yogic practices. The other form of yoga is also known as tantric yoga, which according to Samuel included practices using geometrical drawings or display in the form of a mandala.

Hatha yoga focuses on the physical and mental stability using various postures of the body. Laya yoga and Kundalini yoga are said to be somewhat mutually connected yoga techniques. Laya yoga includes listening to the sound and practicing various forms of mudras. Kundalini yoga, on the other hand, uses various breathing techniques and postures make the energy rise. Besides, Christians are seen to merge yoga with different aspects of Easter spirituality combining it with both meditation and prayers.

Nepal Yoga Home: Best Place For Yoga in Nepal

Yoga Hall

Nepal Yoga Home Yoga Hall

Since Yoga in Nepal is archaic, many places in Kathmandu offer Yoga. However, based on a review of many people, and on the satisfaction people received by doing Yoga in Nepal Nepal Yoga Home has made a different spot in the crowd. Due to its increasing popularity sometimes, Yoga in Nepal is taken as synonyms with Nepal Yoga Home.

Nepal Yoga Home is the oldest yoga institute in Nepal, which offers an outstandingly serene milieu to upspring the yogic lifestyle in the yoga practitioners by incorporating yoga in their daily life. Nepal Yoga Home provides a wide array of courses from beginners level to the aficionado level yoga courses.

List Of Nepal Yoga Home Yoga Classes

  1. 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training program
  2. 500 hours of advanced Yoga Teacher Training
  3. Naturopathy
  4. Acupressure
  5. Reiki healing
  6. Yoga retreat packages(one-night yoga retreat, seven-night eight days yoga retreat, one-week yoga detox retreat, two weeks yoga retreat to one-month yoga retreat)
  7. Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
  8. Children Yoga Teacher Training
  9. 100 Hours of Basic Yoga Teacher Training
  10. 300 hours of Yoga Teacher Training
  11. Old Age Yoga Teacher Training
  12. life management programs

Yoga teacher training is certified by the Yoga alliance.

Why Nepal Yoga Home is the Best Place for Yoga in Nepal?

Nepal Yoga Home is one of the few places, which is run by yogis in Nepal. The Yogis are well trained and dedicated to their work and work passionately to enhance the Yoga in Nepal. The Nepal Yoga Home has proudly hosted over thousands of yoga aficionados from about 80 countries. Some of the perquisites of doing yoga in Nepal Yoga home is it is situated in the natural place and spread in a big area. On the lap of National park, a nice view of Kathmandu and pristine Himalayas and countryside are vividly visible.


Yoga in particular not only improves the physical but also the mental aspect of people and there are examples that we can find in our day-to-day life experience. Earlier, people use to confuse yoga with some kind of religion, tradition and mostly with Hinduism but as the growing importance has been felt, people have started believing in the actual power of yoga.

It has not only become a part of health but also the world of glamour, arts, entertainment remains untouched with it since an incredible mass around the globe is talking about it. As the age has shifted towards globalization and there’s so much advancement in every field that people are jumping over in to, things like ‘mindfulness’, ‘emotional intelligence’ are also slowly taking over. Within the same context, it will not be a surprise that ‘yoga’ would cover an intensive mass in the upcoming days.

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