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Nepal is a country with many wonders. The country is landlocked and has no asceses to the sea. It lies in between India and China. India surrounds the country form all the sides except from the north side. The country is famous for its natural beauty and tourism sector among many other things. Despite, being small in size the country is famous for its tallest mountains, flora and fauna, beautiful forests, cultural richness, and hospitality. Another thing that is now becoming trend in context of Nepal is off the beaten trekking.

Nepal is home to the tallest and beautiful mountains in the world. When somebody thinks of Nepal mountains is the first things that comes into the mind. Nepal has a different reputation among the nations for its enormous number of mountains. Yearly many foreign people visit Nepal to trek around the mountains or to even climb the mountains.

Enormous number of mountain ranges makes the topography of the country exceedingly difficult. The mountain regions of Nepal have exceedingly difficult topography due to its mountain range. Also, we are remarkably familiar with the difficulty that comes with the difficult topography. However, people of Nepal found a silver lining in that difficult topography. That mountain range and topography made the land one of the magnificent places in the world. Due to this very reason Nepal is a haven for trekkers and mountaineers.

Mountaineers arrive in Nepal to climb the highest peak and enjoy the thrill. Also, the trekkers arrive here to trek around the mountains, in the base camp of the mountains or in some remote locations. Annapurna base camp trek, Annapurna circuit trek, Ghorepani poon hill trek, Upper Mustang Trek, Kanchenjunga Base Camp trekking are some of the most popular trekking routs in Nepal. They are so popular that Annapurna Base camp trekking is one of the best trekking routes in the entire world.

The popular trekking routes of Nepal are very much commercialized. Enormous number of local and foreign tourists can be seen here travelling. The routes also have most of the luxury facilities and desired food items. Most people know the country for these commercialized routes, however only the trekking junkies know about the off the beaten trekking.

Off the beaten trekking is recently gaining its popularity. People who seek peace from the humdrum, and desire to be the real essence of the place rather than the commercialized travelling seek off the beaten trekking.

Off the beaten trekking in Nepal 

There are few of the commercialized trekking routes, they are well mapped, well facilized and quite popular among the peoples. These are good routes and popular also. However, these does not mean that the country has only those routes. The country has enormous number of mountain range, and considerable number of valleys in the upper region of the countries. These, Off the beaten trekking routes are not as popular as the commercialized ones but in no way are inferior to others. As the matter of fact, some features make them unique to the popular routes.

Why Off the beaten trekking in Nepal,

  • The unexplored beauty
    Unexplored beauty is the ultimate prize of the Off the beaten trekking. In the popular routes one has the idea what to expect, the vlogs photos give the clear picture of the surrounding. However, if you are venturing around the off the beaten trekking routes one wont’ have the idea what to expect. This provides the ultimate thrill and psychologically enhances the perception of the beauty one will be watching in the journey.
  • The pristine environment
    When the flow of the humans increases in certain area. Even despite the hardest attempt to leave the environment in original condition few things change. Some trekking routes of the country are facing these kinds of problems now. However, in Off the beaten trekking, the visitors will get to experience the nature in its pristine condition. Although, the travelers also must be extraordinary cautious that they will not hamper the balance of the unique environment they are going into.
  • Peace
    The motivation of some of the trekkers is to go away from their mundane life routine and be close to the environment. Since, Off the beaten trekking routes are very less visited by the travelers, they can have the peace they desired. In the serene environment they can be closer to the nature and finally have the peace they so desired.
  • The authenticity and richness of the culture
    Off the beaten trekking routes are visited by the smaller number of peoples. This minimal flow of the peoples also prevents the flow of the culture. When people will visit there, they can see and feel that authentic and original culture that are not hampered by the outside trend and habits. The food that you can taste there will be new to you, their dresses and lifestyle will be unique. Their festivals will be something that you have never seen elsewhere.
  • Adventure Junkie
    The commercialized trekking routes and well mapped, thousands of visitors visit here. Due to the facilities and services even the trekking beginners can easily complete the journey. However, the trekking junkies might get bored of the processed services. They want the thrill, the unknown, the little bit of risk, something not every boy can do. If that is the case Off the beaten trekking routes, in Nepal is the answer. The adventurers can have all the adventure that they can desire in the country. The raw trekking experience with the thrill that is gained in Off the beaten trekking routes, in Nepal is hard to imagine anywhere in the world.
  • Range of Routes
    The country has the wide range of trekking routes and circuits available. The amazing thing about the Off the beaten trekking routes is that one can choose from a large variety. The number of days range can range from 2 3 days to month. The difficulty of off the beaten trekking routes also depend upon your choice. One can choose the destination they desire, and they will have the unique features that are unique to that very location.

Best Off the beaten trekking routes in Nepal

The country has considerable number of off the beaten trekking routes. It is impossible to mention all of them here. Some of the most thrilling Off the beaten trekking routes in the country are as follows:

Upper Dolpo trekking

Upper Dolpo is the best off the beaten trekking routes in the country. The upper Dolpo region if the upper part of the Dopla district in the far western Developmemt region of Nepal. The region is bordered by China in the north. The region has the enormous number beautiful location and magnificent views. The trekking route is located between Dhaulagiri Himalayan range and Tibetan plateau.

Upper Dolpo trekking is one of the longest trekking routes in the country. The average time to complete the route is around 23 to 25 days. Mountain ranges, high altitude villages, lakes are some of the highlights of the upper Dolpo trekking. The famous Phoksundo lake also lies in this region. Recently, the number of people who went visit the lake increased significantly.

Nangda-lo pass, glaciers, Kanjirowa Himalayan range, Shey gumba are some of the major sites that the travelers visit during their trekking to upper dolpo region.

Manaslu circuit trekking

Mount Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world with the elevation of 8163m from the sea level. The mountain is located at the western part of the country. Manaslu circuit trekking is the route that encircle the majestic mountain.
Manaslu circuit trekking is another unventured heaven in the travel bag of Nepal. The people who have visited claim that it is one of the best, off the beaten trekking routes here. The perfect time to visit the trek route is autumn season as suggested by the professionals. The trek route houses the beautiful view of mountain ranges, monasteries, forests, and pristine natural beauties all over the path.

The average time to complete the trek is about 10 to 14 days. It also depends upon the walking capacity of the travelers and the amount of time they give to the resting period. It is also one of the challenging routes of the country. It is also one of the factors that makes it one of the best, off the beaten trekking routes in the country.
Larky la pass, Ganesh Himal range, Manaslu mountain, Larke Himal, Ngadi chuli, Flora and fauna, lifestyle of the locals, monasteries are some of the major highlights of the Masaslu circuit trekking.

Bhairav Kunda trekking

Many people may not even hear about the Bhairav Kunda trekking as it is one of the new routes opened for the trekking. The Kunda is located at the northeast side of the Kathmandu valley. The beginning of the trek takes place at Jalbire. Jalbire is about 5 to 6 hours’ drive from the Kathmandu valley.

The journey takes about 10 to 14 days. The number of days depends on the time people are willing to separate for rest and sight-seeing. Bhairav kunda, Himalayan range, Lifestyle of the locals, beautiful scenarios are the major attraction of the Bhairav Kunda trekking.

Lamjung Himal trekking

Lamjung Himal is one of the major mountain range in the west side of Kathmandu. The range lies between the two major cities Kathmandu and Pokhara. Lamjung Himal trekking is one of the best off the beaten trekking routes in the country. The route is not as famous as the other major trekking routes but in no way second to another when comparing the beauty and the thrilling experience. Another, notable thing about the Lamjung Himal trekking is that the travelers are mostly safe from the altitude sickness.

The major reason for this is the maximum altitude in this journey is about 4000m.
The total number days on average needed to complete this journey is about 10 to 14 days (about 2 weeks). As, other trek this also depends upon the experience of the travelers as trekkers and climatic condition. The average walk time per day for travelers range from 4 to 6 hours.

Gurung villages, snowy mountains, calm environment, local culture are some of the major highlights of the Lamjung Himal trekking.

Khaptad National Park trekking

Khaptad national park was established in 1984 in far western development region of Nepal. The area of the park is 225 km sq. And is extended to the four districts of Nepal I.e., Bajhang, Bajura, Doti and Achham. Khaptad national park is known for its natural beauty and the wild habitat that is found in that region.

Despite the fact that the park is one of the most beautiful places on the country, very few numbers of tourists visit here for exploration. People can easily explore Khaptad national park if they have 10 – 12 days (about 1 week 5 days) free in their journey. The Park is covered with rhododendron and oak trees. Musk deer, bear and leopard are some of the popular species for which the wildlife lovers visit this place. Aside from the animals the place is also famous for its bird species and herbs. 500 types of herbs are found in this region whereas the birth species is 260.

Khaptad region is also famous from the religious perspective. Sage Khaptad or Khaptad baba as the locals called him, meditated here in this region. He spent his lifetime meditating there. Now, certain area is reserved there in Khaptad area for meditation.

Nagi village trek

Nagi village is located at the myagdi district of Nepal, at the elevation of 2300m. The village is the home to magar peoples. Nagi village is one of the best places to view the Annapurna Mountain range. It is also called as an alternative route to Ghorepani for the spot to view various mountain range.

The trekking needs 5 days if started from Pokhara and additional 2 days if started from Kathmandu valley. The trek takes you through the magnificent oak and rhododendron forests. Mount Annapurna, Mount Dhaulagiri, Macchapuchre are some of the mountain regions that can be seen during this trek. Moreover, the visitors are fixed to be enchanted by the culture and the sweet welcome by the locals.