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Nepal is blessed to have beautiful places which have religious values to it. Talking about places with religious values Gosaikunda glory is one to achieve.

It is critical to understand that reaching Gosaikunda isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, the sacred lake present at Gosaikunda has massive importance, to say the least.

From the toughness to achieve Gosaikunda glory, to the time taken and things to notice about the trek, this blog will be mainly about what the place has to offer. Stick with us to know more.

Trek Overview

Gosaikunda is one of the holy places for both Buddhists and Hindus. More than the hiking site, it has a religious value.

To attain the Gosaikunda glory you will have to separate a total of 5 days. However, it depends upon the strength and stamina of the trekker for the time taken to complete the overall trek.

You will need to go through a pass and also walk regularly for some days. In the case of the toughness of the trek, Gosaikunda is termed to be a moderate hike. During the overall journey of Gosaikunda mountains like Ganesh Himal, Langtang Lirung, Annapurna, etc will be at your disposal.

The overall trek starts from Kathmandu. You will reach Dunche which is the starting point for the Gosaikunda trek. After staying overnight you will follow the trail to reach Gosaikunda ultimately.

Gosaikunda glory is signified when we talk about the full moon of August. Every year during the full moon of August a lot of worshippers gather around Gosaikunda to take the holy bath.

Other than the trekking journey, Gosaikunda is famous for photoshoots and also movie shoots. You can easily book a Gosaikunda helicopter tour to enjoy the beauty of the place.

Highlights of the trek

Achieving Gosaikunda glory is easy as compared to many other treks. There are plenty of highlights of the Gosakiunda trek which will be tough to accommodate into some major points.

However, we try and do so. The major points to ponder on are:

  • Rare plants and animals in the Langtang National Park region.
  • Viewing the rare animals like Red Panda and other birds during the trek
  • Langtang, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Annapurna, etc available at the viewing.
  • Fruitful interaction with the local Tamangs to know the history and culture of the place.
  • Understanding the historic and cultural value of Gosaikunda Lake.
  • Being up close with the Sing Gompa and its cultural value to the local people of Gosaikunda.

Best Season for Gosaikunda Glory

Even though the Gosaikunda trek is termed to be good all around the year, however, some particular months provide you with absolute glory.

Like a lot of other trekking months, spring and autumn are the best season to achieve Gosaikunda glory. The best months to do the Gosaikunda trek are during March, April, and May.

During these months the sky is clearer with mountains being absolutely visible. As the sun doesn’t beat down too much hiking and walking for long hours isn’t as tough as it seems.

How hard is the Gosaikunda trek?

It is never too easy if you want to get Gosaikunda glory. However, the Gosaikunda trek is much easier compared to plenty of other treks in Nepal.

Often termed to be a medium trek, the difficulty is directly relatable to age, fitness, trekking habits, etc.

The maximum altitude to reach during the Gosaikunda trek is 4380m. Therefore certain cases of shortness of breath along with headache could arrive. However, there isn’t much to worry about at all.

Permits Required for Gosaikunda Trek

Any trekker needs to get the right permit before pursuing the Gosaikunda glory. In this case, you will have to receive two of the valuable permits to complete the trek.

The first one is the Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS) permit while the second one is the Langtang National Park permit.

Trekkers can get both of the permits from Nepal Tourism Board which will make your journey easier. In like manner the topic of whether you need a guide is debatable.

During the recent changes in the rule, it is compulsory to have a trekking guide while holidaying in Nepal. Not only that the guide will help you to explore and understand Nepal even better.

Cost of Gosaikunda Trek

The cost of the Gosaikunda trek varies from situation to situation. If you are doing the trek solo the cost will be higher.

However, the cost is termed to be lesser when you go into the group. Whatever it might be the cost of the Gosaikunda and Langtang region trek ranges from $1200-$2800.

All of these costs depend upon various factors like accommodation, the cost of guides and porters, the season of the trek, etc. Even though the cost will vary in solo and group we suggest you go through the group.

The option of finding the best trekking company is always available online. Therefore we suggest every reader compare the best prices and not go for the one that comes right up.

Accommodation Facility at Gosaikunda Trek

If you are looking for Gosaikunda glory it is critical to know that everything doesn’t come your way right.

However, the accommodation facility at Gosaikunda isn’t that bad. You will find 3 and 5-star hotels which is the key. Along with that good shower facilities along with better hygiene are present at Gosaikunda Trek.

If you are thinking of saving some money from your pockets try and use a low-end hotel. You will find plenty of them which won’t impact your pocket much.

Things to Remember Before Gosaikunda Trek

It doesn’t matter whether you are going for the Gosaikunda trek or the EBC trek certain things need to be taken care of.

In the case of the Gosaikunda trek try and remember some major things:

  • Always respect the culture of the place
  • Have some extra cash as cash is king
  • Try and use healthy water as it can cause health issues
  • Take your time to reach the destination
  • Follow the idea of responsible travel without harming the environment
  • Involvement in community programs that uplift the living standard of local people.