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10 amazing tourist activities in Nepal

Nepal is a utopia for people willing to explore its many mysteries. The country houses some of the unperturbed wilderness that is not found anywhere in the world. Travelers still view Nepal as “something exotic” and consequently, they are attracted by its mysteries. In this blog, we shall take a close look at the specific tourist activities in Nepal. 

Bungee and its many mysteries

Among the countless tourists that visit Nepal, one thing is sure, most of them have a taste of adventure. With that in perspective, this blog shall introduce you to the budding and thrilling adventure activity in Nepal. Move along the Bhotekoshi river and find yourself at the bungee jumping station. The bungee jump stands at an astonishing height of 150m+ and is one of the most daring tourist activities in Nepal.

Bungee Jumping- tourist activities in Nepal

The mere imagination of diving headfirst into the roaring river with nothing but the hissing wind as your companion is scary in itself, let alone doing it. There’s another bungee station in Pokhara too that although does not have the same height, but provides an amazing experience. Taking part in this activity takes lots of guts and courage so if you feel you have what it takes, then go do it!

Soar through the sky while paragliding

If you ever wanted to feel like a bird, then you should opt for the paragliding trip. It takes place in Pokhara and it provides you a bird’s eye view of Pokhara. You will not only observe the valley, but you’ll also bask in the glory of the colossal Annapurna mountain range and the Dhaulagiri mountain. Although the price may be a bit high, it is one of the best tourist activities in Nepal


Dare to tame the rivers -Tourist activity in Nepal

One thing that Nepal is in plenty, is the roaring rivers. These rivers originate from the mighty Himalayas and make their way from the mountain to the hills and plains. These rivers travel at great speeds and thus, are a great place to indulge in river rafting. Rivers like Marshyangdi, Bhotekoshi, and Trishuli are famous for their dangerous rapids. Are you among the people that can conquer these rivers? Well, there is only one way to find out!  

Yoga and serenity

For those on the lookout for a perfect hub to master their grasp on yoga, Nepal is the ideal place. The country has numerous myths and histories associated with yoga and here, you can explore whether it is true or not. Learn under the wings of professional yoga teachers and find yourself becoming much calmer and proficient in the art of yoga. You can be professional by doing yoga teacher training and relax your mind by doing yoga retreat classes. It is one of the frowned upon tourist activities in Nepal so be sure to take it and witness the full glory of Nepal.

Summit Yoga

Ayurvedic retreat

The art of Ayurveda dates back to ancient times. It has an important place in the Hindu religion, culture, and lifestyle. During your time in Nepal, take part in an Ayurvedic retreat and understand the mysteries about this subject in detail. Find yourself becoming one with nature while taking this course and try to link it with present-day culture and civilization.

Volunteering and humanity

While you are in Nepal, a little volunteering work can go a long way. Most parts of the country have a rural background and the locals still have problems with food and water. When you visit such rural parts, you can do your part and help the members of the community. You can teach English and help in the construction of schools. Remember, even a small help can change the world.

Learn to cook

When you are taking a tour of Nepal, at the same time, you can take your palette on a tour as well. By that we mean you can take part in a culinary class and learn to cook some Nepali delicacies. For starters, you can learn to cook mo: mo, chowmein, dal bhat, and many more Nepali dishes. Also, there is an opportunity to learn Ayurvedic cooking. Once the trip is complete and when you are at home, you can cook these dishes to remind yourself of the wonderful time you spent in Nepal. It is the best tourist activities in Nepal.

Learn the culture and traditions

Nepal has a diverse race of people. There are numerous ethnic groups in Nepal which each have their own culture and traditions. It is a delight to observe their lifestyle. During your stay in Nepal, you can witness festivals that are specific to a certain ethnic group. By just observing them, you can learn a lot about the Nepali way of life.

Roam the jungles is the next amazing tourist activity in Nepal

The Terai region of Nepal is home to vast jungles and grasslands. The Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park are the major landmarks of Terai. During your stay in Terai, you can visit the National Park and roam the jungles. You can observe animals like elephants, one-horned rhinoceros, and the Royal Bengal Tiger. Tourists from across the globe visit Nepal to witness these creatures. It is one of the distinguished tourist activities in Nepal.


You can always do some trekking Which is main tourist activity in Nepal

Nepal is the holy grail for everything related to treks and hikes. The amazing landscape of the country makes it favorable for treks. There are famous treks like Annapurna Base Camp trek, Everest Base Camp trek, and Manasalu Circuit trek that you can take part in. Trekking will provide you a new outlook towards life and help you to understand nature in a more detailed way.

These are some of the most ventured upon tourist activities in Nepal. By reading this blog, we hope that you have got an idea about the various activities that can be done in Nepal.