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Paragliding Nepal

Paragliding has been one of the most exciting adventures in the Himalayan country Nepal along with trekking, mountaineering, bungee jumping and many more. Because of its natural endowment and geographical benefaction, Nepal has been one of the most alluring and fascination destination for various adventure trips and expedition including paragliding. Hovering in the sky like a bird with the seer imagination and thrilling moment will be captured forever. The sense of flying would be immersed and acquired while soaring in the endless horizon of the sky which allows you to enjoy the glittering glow of the snow-capped mountains.

paragliding The exhilarating adventure in paragliding will not only be the moment of adventure but also will be the moment  of understanding and realizing  how limitless our heart is and how much we long for the freedom. The joy to be free a flying bird will be collected for life-time with the enchanting and enticing affair to come again for paragliding. The measure beyond the boundary as well as the fragility of life gets recollected and realized when one leaves one’s comfort zone for the sake of fun, insight, adventure or exploration.

In the magnificent location of the earth has located a marvelous country called Nepal which has been the synonymous for the all those adventures attempted in mountains, rivers, sky. Even though Nepal lack those sophisticated settings of the infrastructure in the eyes of the modern world, in the case of adventures of many kinds Nepal definitely has obtained outstanding recognition and remarkable image in the world-adventure. Therefore, Nepal still has unlimited potentiality and platform for adventures. In the panoramic and picturesque atmosphere in the Himalayas, paragliding gives the extra-ordinary memory and moment needed to have in life. The Trek Nepal offers all the adventures available in this land of paradise including paragliding.

The Trek Nepal is very committed to serve the best with the proficient and pragmatic manner to ensure the best of the best service.

Paragliding is one of the most adventurous recreational sports enjoyed and acclaimed as the best by adventurers. It has a wide canopy similar to parachute which is attached to a person’s body by a network of the ropes which allows one to float through the air. The glider which is free-flying, light-weight and foot-launched which flies with the flow of air or its pressure and descends by the gravity. While flying in the sky, a pilot’s ability to steer with the flow and pressure of the air helps to land as well as float. The excitement of the paragliding reaches high with the space and depth the area offers where the adventurers find the place to float in the dreamy and fairy-style like an angel or bird. The movement of the air gives aerodynamic shape to the canopy. The portability feature of the paraglider makes it advantageous to carry in a bag. The paraglider is laid on the surface on the top of the mountain before a pilot walks further with wings attached with harness. The flow of wind helps to pull the paraglider into the wind causing the canopy inflate as soon as the pilot takes few brisk steps before taking off the surface. Rest of the time is to soar and hover around in the limitless horizon of the sky.

In Nepal, when the adventure of paragliding pops out of the mind, the place name Pokhara follows the thought. In the utopic setting of the earth sits a heaven-like place called Pokhara which has abundant of treasures to treat and decorate the visitors who arrives in this paradise. The quest and quench of natural beauty in blend of modernity is the perfect example the city Pokhara has to offer. Bestowed with majestic lakes all around the valley with the high-hill for engrossing and enthralling view of the valley as well as the glistening snowy mountains along with sunrise and sunset view has been supplemented the diet of adventures with the paragliding adventure. Soaring in the sky with the sense of exhilaration and elation which would be a heart-throbbing and mind-blowing experience of your life.  It is also well recognized as an Annapurna Region which starts the trek to startling and staggering Annapurna Base Camp. As a paragliding adventurer, you will be able to grasp the panoramic view of above 8000 meters high of Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna as well as Machhapuchchhre. The picturesque Pokhara will be underneath you with its glorious glow of Phewa Lake and shrilling Seti. In the greenery and grand site of Sarangkot hill has been the point of take off into the world like bird and fairy-angel.



Day O1 of Paragliding

Arrival to Kathmandu

At the arrival section of the Tribhuvan International Airport, the representatives of The Trek Nepal will receive you with warm welcome and greetings. As soon as you will reach to the hotel, you will get orientation for further trip. Overnight will be at a guest a house with welcome dinner.

Day O2 of Paragliding

Drive to Pokhara

Early in the morning, the bus will take you to the tourist hub of Nepal after driving for 6 to 7 hours. The remaining hours will be consumed to sightseeing and sauntering around the city. Overnight stay will be at a guest house.

Day O3 of Paragliding

Paragliding in Pokhara

The most enthusiastic and mind-boggling day with the upcoming event of exhilarating experience of flying in the sky will come true today.

Day O4 of Paragliding

Pokhara Visit and fly back to Kathmandu.

The day will be managed for the visit to some tourist places of Pokhara such Davis Fall, Phewa Lake where the boating will be surfed. The same day the flight will fly you to Kathmandu.