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Yoga and yoga techniques are believed to be originated in the ancient Indian subcontinent which is present-day Nepal and India. Yoga which was the invention of the Hindu ancients has now flourished into the entire world. Many celebrities, higher personalities, and individuals claim that they regularly practice yoga to keep their body and mind in good shape and healthy for a long amount of time.

Yes, yoga has flourished in various parts of the world but the originality, authenticity found in the yoga practices of Nepal are still unmatched in other parts of the world. Due to this very reason, yoga adventure in Nepal is very much preferred by the people.

Yoga is the techniques, postures, and practices that have been pass down from many generations ago in ancient India. The original yoga teacher is lord shiva himself. Mahadev in his Aadi yogi form distributed the knowledge of yoga to the peoples of that time by selecting the few who were able to grasp the depth and greatness of yoga. The popular yoga books that are available are also written in the format of the third person as it was said by Mahadev to his wife Parvati.

The original techniques then were passed from generation to generation. During this time various sages, gurus who mastered the yoga perfectly start to derive the yoga and many variations were formed. However, the variations, types, methods, and techniques of yoga that were raised from the derivations of original yoga mostly appeared in the last two centuries. This further proves the involvement of people in yoga and yoga practices.

Nepal is a country located between India and China. The small landlocked country is famous for its mysterious mountains, culture, and ancient techniques such as Ayurveda and Yoga. Nepal is a popular tourist destination for distinct reasons. The country is very much active and involved in tourism.

The economy of the country is also significantly dependent upon tourism. The country has various plus points and strengths which make it a unique tourist destination among the other countries in the world. Yoga adventure in Nepal is one of the strengths the country has. As the world is increasingly involving in Yoga, yoga adventure in Nepal is gaining more possibility and strength.

Yoga teacher training

Yoga adventure in Nepal is also for those who are willing to take their Careers in yoga and want to get yoga teacher training. Yoga teacher training is the course taken by the individuals that enable them to teach yoga to other people as a certified teacher. One needs to go through one or many yoga teacher training to be able to teach yoga to other people.

If one is aiming to begin their career in yoga, they should collect the yoga teacher training certificates and experience through the best yoga teacher training providers there are. The teacher training courses of Nepal are considered the best in the world. Many top yoga teachers had begun their careers in Nepal.

People who are practicing yoga for a huge amount of time also need to go through yoga teacher training courses. Some might think that having personal experience and techniques makes them eligible to teach yoga to others. It is part truth having known the techniques will certainly make their way easy but there is more to yoga teachers than just techniques.

Experiencing yoga as a student is a lot different than teaching yoga as a teacher. First of all, knowing the method is not enough one needs to have communicative skills to transfer their knowledge to their students. Yoga teacher training during yoga adventure in Nepal helps one to achieve all these skills, also within the given amount of time.

Many organizations give yoga teacher training during yoga adventures in Nepal. One can choose according to the reputation of the organization or even by the type of packages and training time given by the organization. All should be taken into detail and considered as various organizations provide various packages with various learning times.

Yoga trekking and Yoga tour

Yoga is the process of remunerating the body, mind, and soul. What people think is that yoga is only limited to some postures, a closed room, and a mattress lying on the ground. Yes, people practice yoga like that because it is convenient to do so because they are busy in their lives and only have some time and space to practice yoga.

There is nothing wrong with doing that given the time and space it is very appropriate and effective. However, during a yoga adventure in Nepal one does not need to confine yoga to that small room and mattress. They can take the yoga up to the mountains. When it is done it becomes yoga trekking and yoga tour.

Yes, we practice yoga in our daily lives in the city, in homes, villages. It also fills us with benefits ranging from mind, body, and soul. It ranges of all types and people are satisfied with that. However, the true essence of yoga comes out when it is combined with the pure nature of the mountains themselves.

Nepal is a country known for its mountains and trekking routes. The trekking routes of Nepal are considered one of the best in the world. Thousands of tourists visit Nepal to take part in that trekking and tour.

Annapurna basecamp yoga trek, Annapurna circuit yoga trek, Everest basecamp yoga trek, three passes yoga trek are one of the best trekking routes in the country. The tourists visit these routes for adventure, to be close to nature, to see the most wonderful natural views in the world. Yoga trekking and tour during yoga adventure in Nepal take the trekking on this route one step ahead by morphing it with yoga.

These unique combinations of trekking tours and yoga give the one who experiences it a unique taste and flavor which is unparallel to any yogic and remunerating experience there is.

During yoga trekking, one begins the journey like normal trekking. One fixes a certain route and reaches there. So, what is the difference between trekking and yoga trekking?

The difference is that during the yoga trekking we alongside the route will also focus on yoga. We give a certain time of the day during the yoga. It may be at the beginning of the day, during mid-day during the walking period, in the evening time, or all of them. The goal is to find the most serene place and get involved in yoga there.

During yoga adventure in Nepal, we get to the various wonderful locations. In the yoga trekking period, we will go through huge forests, beautiful streams, the top of the hills, and if we are trekking to the base camp to the base of the mountain. The goal is to perform yoga and meditation in all these locations if possible. Practicing meditation and yoga in these serene environments will bring out the true nature of yoga.

The combination of the two of the best activities will arise a new adventurous act. Trekking and yoga are some of the most unique acts which benefit us from all sorts of things. They enhance our mentality and thinking, make our body physically and spiritually healthy. When put together and done as the same act during a yoga adventure in Nepal it will multiply the benefits and bliss experience manyfold.

Yoga retreat course

Yoga retreat in the plainest terms means to retreat to focus on yoga. A yoga retreat is an important part of the yoga adventure in Nepal. The yoga retreat is a process where an individual sets yoga as a primary focus, making aside the other activities to attain various goals.

Yoga retreat course is done for a variety of reasons, the reason may vary according to the individual as the range of benefits and goals it helps to achieve are high. The primary reason most people do yoga retreat courses is to enhance the effectiveness of yoga and go deeper in their understanding and knowledge of yoga. A yoga retreat course during a yoga adventure in Nepal is the best thing one can do during their time here.

The main step of the yoga retreat is stopping all the major activities and pouring all the focus into yoga and similar activities. It is extremely hard to achieve this by remaining in the same environment as home, work. So, people travel to remote locations or some special centers that prevent their interaction with the outside world. In some countries, people travel to lavish hotels, centers, and exotic places. It is also one way to go on a yoga retreat. However, in Nepal, we take a little bit of a different approach.

Nepal is a country gifted with a vast number of natural resources, forests, and a serene environment that clams the mind of those who visit natural Nepal. Nepal uses the power of mountains, forests, and its serene environment for its yoga retreat course. This makes the yoga adventure in Nepal more effective, and more people are willing to have yoga adventures in Nepal.

The focus of yoga is to calm the mind and be in an environment that provides inner peace. Forests, mountains, rivers can calm the mind and enhance the focus of the individuals. Yoga adventure in Nepal brings out this relation of the mind to the natural environment and uses it in their yoga retreat course.

Most of the yoga retreat course centers that are in Nepal make their base around the forest. The first purpose is that to shield them from the outside world. They came there to break their daily routine so the sounds of the works and other activities will disturb them. They will practice various forms of yoga, various techniques to make them mentally and spiritually strong. Practice meditation to know their inner self.

Yoga retreat courses during yoga adventure in Nepal will help the participants over many things. Reflecting on yourself, revitalization of the mind and soul, deeper connection with nature, a better understanding of the world, connection with peoples, increasing positive energy into the body and making surrounding more positive and enthusiastic, healing the soul, enhancing the spirituality, deeper knowledge, healthier lifestyle initiation, etc. are some of the benefits of the yoga retreat course.

There are also various yoga retreat centers around Nepal. One can choose after carefully examining the reputation, history, package provided by the courses.

Best holiday in Nepal

Yoga adventure in Nepal is not just for learning and doing postures. Refreshment of the mind using the power of relaxing is also a part of yoga. What normally people think is that yoga is just postures and poses however yoga goes much more beyond that. Yoga can be even integrated into the lives where even the daily activities can give the benefit of yoga. Such gigantic is the range and power of yoga. When visitors arrive for a yoga adventure in Nepal, yes, they will spend most of their time knowing and learning about yoga.

However, it is not necessary that during a yoga adventure in Nepal you will be only involved in yoga. The country has one of the most astonishing tourist destinations either be it from the cultural perspective or be it by the perspective of nature. When one goes on a yoga adventure in Nepal yes, they will have a lifetime experience with yoga. However, they are also going to get the best holiday. That is the specialty of Nepal.

Yoga is as much as providing a proper rest and relaxing time to the body as involving in exercises, activities, and postures. During a yoga adventure in Nepal when you have done all the activities, relax and enjoy your holiday. Besides being the focal point of yoga, it is also the place to enjoy your holiday and relax.

Proper rest and relaxation after a yoga adventure help the body to absorb the experience and knowledge. If you are right time during a yoga adventure in Nepal, you may be able to enjoy some of the festivals of Nepal when celebrating the holidays. If one gets to see the festivals of Nepal, they will surely see how massively Nepali people enjoy their festivals.