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Our Recommendation for Ayurveda retreat after trekking program to Nepal Ayurveda Home, in Kathmandu Valley.

Life is filled with adventures and if you are to give meaning to life, then it is best recommended that you explore what lies outside. Throughout history, people have defined life in their terms. Many tend to dwell on the idea of doing something completely insane like jumping off a cliff or diving in the deep parts of the ocean. Whereas some, find calm in the quiet corners of their house and research. Needless to say, adventure is what makes life bearable.

The most common form of adventure in a quaint country like Nepal is trekking. The country has the needed geography and surreal mountain scenery for it. A high number of travelers tend to visit Nepal because they have witnessed numerous irresistible advertisements on the internet. Some just come to explore the unknown. Regardless of the motive, if trekking is what you desire, then Nepal is the place to be.

There is more to trekking than meets the eye. There are some basic and some bit technical protocols that need to be catered to. From arranging all the mandated documents to the proper usage of trekking gear, these miniature details play a pivotal role in making your trek a success. The before and after aspect of the trek is mostly frowned upon by trekkers but if you pay heed to it, then you can accentuate your satisfaction levels.

Importance of Ayurveda Retreat

Before the trek, trekkers can take part in a yoga retreat and learn proper breathing techniques and exercises to enhance their performance. Once the trek is completed, most people tend to rest a lot and eat huge amounts of unhealthy food. Although fun, this can have a lasting impact on the body. If you believe that health is a must, then it is recommended that you partake in an Ayurveda retreat after trekking.

The common definition of Ayurveda states that it is a broad system of medicine, that provides directions to not only heal the body but the mind as well. It prioritizes on the principle that the physical and mental well-being exists due to the intricate balance between mind and spirit. It is often labeled as a ‘personalized’ health system. It is personalized in the sense that for each individual, the treatment is different. The primary motive of Ayurveda is not to fight diseases but to promote a healthy system.

Ayurvedic medicine traces its origin to the Indian subcontinent. From there, it flourished and successfully spread throughout the globe. It is also a common form of alternative medicine in many western countries. Religious beliefs state that the knowledge of Ayurveda transmitted from Gods to sages, and then to humans. As time progresses, Ayurveda therapies have varied in style. The therapy mostly comprises of herbal medicines and minerals. In order to have rejuvenative experience you can join Ayurveda retreat after trekking,

Have a Look on Awesome Benefits of It

The benefit of an Ayurvedic therapy cannot be undermined so it would seem beneficial for trekkers to include it in their itinerary once the trek comes to a climax. An Ayurvedic retreat after trekking takes you into the wilderness away from human settlement. The surrounding is bereft of human noises and the ambiance is elevated by the delightful singing of birds and rustling of trees. The Ayurvedic doctor will ask you specific questions regarding your health status. After the session is complete, the doctor will provide you treatments. The treatment tends to differ as per your needs and condition. You can join one day, one-week ayurveda reterat program to one month Ayurveda Retreat program at Nepal Ayurveda Home

The Panchakarma procedure is a technique that is mostly in use. It is a bit difficult for a normal person to understand this procedure but we’ll try to convey it easily. There are two stages of this procedure. The primary prevention procedure focuses on preventing the development of diseases. It helps to maintain the stability of dosha. The secondary prevention method aims to strategically identify whether a disease is about to exist. If the disease is on its budding stage, then measures are taken to eradicate it.

Another form of healing is the ayurvedic chakra healing which emphasizes the chakra points. If the chakra points are maintained then it leads to a prolonged life. The common problems that arise after trekking like coldness and body aches are also treated in an ayurvedic massage retreat.

Taking part in an ayurvedic retreat may seem a bit taxing and costly for some but it is the best way to recover and live a healthy and happy life. The benefit you receive from the ayurvedic retreat will be helpful not only in the short run but in the long run as well. So better to join Ayurveda retreat after trekking which is cost-effective.