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Nepal is famous for its scenic beauty along with its culture and tradition. For trekking photography there is hardly any country better than Nepal. Welcoming people along with an inclusive nature is the key.

But the basics of your photography need to be good if you are willing to capture the emotions and feelings of the place. We don’t suggest you be at the top of the game and carry some expensive equipment but there are some basics.

Basics that will allow you to live the moment and also enjoy clicking the images that will surely stand out. Today let’s focus on the essentials that will be key for trekking photography in Nepal. 

  • Select the right gear

The first tip in the case of trekking photography is for both beginners and pro photographers. You will need to have the right gear if you are willing to capture the moment and enjoy it to the core. 

In the case of DSLR, try and have the perfect camera, enough lenses to capture every aspect of the scenery along with the spare batteries and even the cleaning kit. This will help you for better access to the environment. 

If you are trekking with your brilliant camera phone, try and keep the lenses clean before clicking any images. Meanwhile, learn some editing skills which will eventually turn out helpful. 

  • Look for the golden hour

Golden hours of sunrise and sunset are often termed to be the moments to click an image. Always for those moments when the lighting is perfect to take your best shot. It will allow for an opportunity to embrace the beauties of nature. 

Trekking photography in Nepal revolves around the golden hour when the rays of the sun hit the snow-peaked mountains. So always try and make some effort to wake up early and capture the wonderful moments of Himalayan landscapes. 

  • Accept the challenges

Nepal is unpredictable when we talk about weather and climate. It can change at any immediate time. Having said that try and embrace the hardships that come along the way. 

Running away when things are tough won’t do you any good. Adapt your photography skills according to the change in weather so that you can get the best out of adversity. 

Fighting the tough weather and conditions doesn’t mean going empty-handed. Always carry the gear that can protect yourself and your cameras. 

  • Try to tell a story

Every picture tells a story, therefore try and click images during trekking photography which tells a story to its viewers. Right from the start of your trekking journey try and capture everything until the very end. 

With the secretive routes utilized by The Trek Nepal for trekking, the quality of the image and the results are brilliant. From the struggle to tiredness and also the accomplishment try and capture every moment which will be invaluable for you to enjoy in the future. 

  • Focus on people and culture

There is no doubt that the mountains of Nepal are captivating. Although trekking photography moves around all of these mountains we suggest you focus on the people and culture as well. 

The hospitality of the people, culture, temple, and monasteries along with the monks and saints residing there make a brilliant subject to explore. 

The only thing you need to focus on is asking for permission before clicking the images. Having said that people are welcoming and focused on helping the tourists who embrace their local region. 

  • Take your time

A perfect image is captured after 100 failed image capture. Therefore patience and persistence are the keys. With so much beauty all around you would be keen to click everything. 

But we suggest not to do so. Try and be patient and take your time to choose what you want to click. Observe the surroundings, wait for the perfect light, and capture the subject with a major focus. 

It isn’t easy as the subject might appear after days in the place of your interest. There will be plenty of unfavorable conditions for the trekking photography but you have to address all of it to go through with the perfect click. 

  • Candid is the new cool

The term candid has got some major eyeballs rolling when we talk about modern photography. In simple terms candid means clicking a subject in its natural state. Candid photography in nature is a big plus. 

Be it the birds or the people enjoying their natural habitat brings the best out in the image. So try and keep some of the candid moments in your trekking photography books. 

Viewers will have a different perspective when they look at candid images. Candid images allow photographers to capture joy, happiness, and worries in their purest form which makes the overall image worth the watch. 

  • Keep experimenting

Everybody has a different perspective when we talk about clicking images or viewing the image. Try and incorporate different perspectives when you are willing to click images. Not everyone wants to see the same boring angles. 

Always think out of the box in the case of perspective and also the angles of clicking images. Go low on the group, get up a hill, capture the color, hues, and textures, and be like a bird that loves the detailed view. 

  • Try and enjoy the photography

In order to achieve excellence trekking photography experts forget the most important thing, to enjoy the process. With the pressure of social media clicking the best image is always a must so this affects the enjoyment of clicking images. 

Try and enjoy much more when you are clicking any image. Never forget that it is just the next hobby and nothing more. You aren’t sitting in some competition to click the best image. 

However, what’s an issue is not enjoying the peeking mountains, smiling people, or the quality of the food when you are so involved in getting the best shot. Try to express what you feel rather than impress plenty of people who later would watch your trekking photography collection.