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Lying amidst the lap of the Himalayas a beautiful country breathes life. Yes, we are talking about Nepal. The trekking adventures in Nepal are something that is majorly heard all around them with great charm and grace. Nepal has been blessed with beautiful landscapes which provide beautiful opportunities for hiking, trekking, and sightseeing. Mainly in the autumn and spring, the flow of tourists goes to the maximum level. Trekking adventures in Nepal can be exciting and scary at the same time. Having said that you will need to be well prepared if you are thinking about trekking in the mountainous country. Through The Trek Nepal as well there have been plenty of trekking expeditions which have resulted in satisfied tourists. Having said all of this there are some of the highlights about trekking adventures in Nepal. They include:

Unseen trails

The best thing about trekking adventures in Nepal is the uncertainty of the trails. You will find some of the finest trails which are covered by mountains and snow on both side. Some of them might be tough to walk on the monsoon season while others will be a walk in the park. Some of the tough and well-known trails in Nepal are the Annapurna circuit, Everest Base Camp, and Langtang Valley trek. You will need to be fit to cover all of these circuits. Some of them are accompanied by snowy roads while others have alpine meadows, lakes, and forests around them.

Cultural explosion

Nepal is very rich in culture and tradition. While performing trekking adventures in Nepal you will have a major idea of what this point highlights. People from various castes, cultures, and creeds live in Nepal. The village lifestyle, Sherpa culture, and living in the mountains along with inclusiveness and acceptance are the key when we talk about Nepal. All these people will offer you an option to stay at their homes, teahouses, or even lodges which makes you feel the warmth of their welcome. All of this enriches your stay in Nepal.

Exploring hidden gems

Trekking around Nepal means that you have an opportunity to unearth hidden gems with ease. Even though you might plan for the routine routes some secrets open up for you. Be it the hidden kingdom in Lo Manthang or the lakes and glaciers at the top of the mountains, you will find some higher surprises as you go up. As Nepal is home to various castes, culture, and people, there are monks and even Buddhists who have been meditating in the mountains for years. So always be prepared for things that you might have hardly imagined.

Friendship for lifetime

Trekking in Nepal means that you will visit places and collect memories for a lifetime. However, there is much more to trekking adventures in Nepal. Following the trails, you will have friends for a lifetime. A lot of the past trekkers have talked about the friendships they have created which has resulted in social network and emotional bondage. The sense of achievement along with sharing experiences is the key.

Personal growth and development

The main motive of any trekking adventure in Nepal is to find joy and enjoy the holidays. However, achieving the top of any mountain peak will result in personal growth and development. Trekking helps an individual visualize his strengths, needs, abilities, and achievements at the same time. Meanwhile, you will also have an opportunity to work through personal development and growth. Trekking will always result in the physical and mental wellness of an individual. The only demand would be the physical strength of an individual.

Culinary delights

Nepal is known for its hospitality and food. From spicy to medium and sizzled, there are a variety of foods that you would experience for the very first time as well. Nepal is rich in various cultures and every culture has its food and recipes. Be it the Newari food or the local food Dal Bhat you will find authenticity along with taste. Thakali food is one of the most loved Nepal dishes. Other culinary delights include Dhido which is famous in Nepal. Sherpa food along with momos have been loved for a very long time as well. From vegetarian to non-vegetarian you will have a variety of options to choose from and enjoy. Encountering wildlife Nepal is home to more than 100 types of birds which shows the value of wildlife in the country. While executing trekking adventures in Nepal you will encounter most of the wildlife for the very first time. From musk deer to one-horned rhinos and snow leopards tourists will find everything that is rare and in extinct nature. More than 100 tigers have been saved in Nepal which is rare in any corner of the world. Through various wildlife reserves and national parks, tourists will have an opportunity to enjoy wildlife at their purest form. There is also the chance of birdwatching at wetlands. Some of the delightful birds are pheasants, eagles, spinny babblers, etc. Sustainable trekking opportunity A lot of the trekkers make the major mistake of harming the environment during their trekking journey. Be it through waste mismanagement or various forms of pollution, the results aren’t good. However, companies like The Trek Nepal have focused majorly on sustainable trekking and holiday options. With the major environmental concerns, we try and remove the negative footprints during our trek, Use eco-friendly products, and consume environmentally friendly lodges and tea houses, this trekking journey will be a rediscovery of your will to protect mother earth. Changing weather conditions In the quest for trekking adventures in Nepal, one aspect that you would face quite a lot is the frequent changes in the weather. At one point in time, you might have beautiful sunshine, however, it might end up in massive snowfall in the very next minute. Having said all of this trekkers should be well prepared for any season that comes through. But if you have decided to perform a trek in spring or autumn season the weather remains stable and likable.