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Top 10 Peak Climbing In Nepal

Peak climbing in Nepal is one of the activities the country is famous for. The country located in the southern part of Asia is a magnificent place filled with mountains due to the presence of the Himalayas. The Himalayas are in the border region of Nepal-China and India-China. Due to the presence of the great Himalayan range, peak climbing in Nepal is a popular activity. It is a popular destination for international tourists who are immersed in the activities of peak climbing and mountain adventures. But why is peak climbing in Nepal so popular?

Nepal is a tourism country. Many people are involved in tourism activities and a considerate able part of the economy is also supported by the industry. Peak climbing in Nepal is a significant amount of tourism industry there. The country is divided into three zones: Terai, hilly, and mountain. The Mountain region has all the peaks of the country, and the indigenous people of the region are involved in the business of mountaineering than the people of other regions. It will not be false to say Sherpas the indigenous of Himalayas are the people who made peak climbing in Nepal as it is of today.

Selection of the Mountain for peak climbing in Nepal

Nepal is home to many mountains. Some of them are the highest in the world. The country has eight of the top 10 highest mountains in the world. Most of the mountains lie in the northern parts. The country has a total of 1310 mountains that are above 5500m altitude from sea level. The presence of these mountains makes peak climbing in Nepal a wonderful experience. However, the hard part comes due to the presence of this many peaks. There are so many wonderful peaks that the mountaineers will have a tough time deciding which one to climb. They are so wonderful that they are no less than another.

Mount Everest the highest peak in the world is one of the most popular mountain destinations of Nepal. However, there are many mountains such as Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Makalu, Ama Dablam, Cho Oyu which are as popular as the world’s highest peak. These are the most popular mountains that are attempted by most of the visitors that arrive in Nepal for mountaineering.

There are also many other mountains beside these mountains one can choose and climb. These mountains are not as popular as the popular peaks but surely are no less than them.

1. Mount Everest Peak Climbing

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It is the crown of peak climbing in Nepal. The giant mountain stands at an altitude of 8848m from sea level. Many mountaineers dream to climb the mountain. Despite being at the top in matters of altitude the mountain is easy to climb compared to other mountains on the list.

The fatality rate of the climbers attempting to climb Mount Everest is 1.4% since 2004. The total number of deaths at Everest is believed to be around 300 now ( till 2021 AD). Everest high pass peak climbing is one of the most popular peak climbing in Nepal however, is said to be not so dangerous compared to the other mountains of Nepal due to the easy path to the top.

2. Mount Kangchenjunga

Mount Kangchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world. It comes after mount K2 of Pakistan. It stands at the amazing height of 8586m from sea level. It is considered as one of the most difficult mountains to climb above 8000m and is the longest time taken to climb the mountain of the same altitude range. The fatality to summit ratio of this mountain is 20% which is very height. It is one of the most dangerous peaks climbing in Nepal.

The remote location of the peak and steep climb of 40 to 50 degrees is extremely dangerous. It takes more than 2 weeks of trekking just to reach the base camp of the mountain. The mountain is considered most dangerous due to its frequent avalanches, snowstorms combined with the most difficult terrain. Kanchenjunga peak climbing in Nepal is very dangerous and is only attempted by the climbers who are top in their climbing game.

3. Mount Lhotse Peak Climbing

Mount Lhotse is the fourth highest mountain in the world. The mountain stands at the altitude of 8516m which is the highest of the other peaks of the Lhotse range. The mountain range lies near the Mount Everest Mountain range. This peak climbing in Nepal is often compared to Everest climbing as they are believed to be in the same level of danger and similar paths.

The most dangerous part of Lhotse climbing is the last 300m to the peak area, which is a gully, that is prone to dangerous rock falls. Lhotse has a 67% success rate. It is said that most of the accidents and deaths during mountaineering occur during getting down from the mountain which also is true for Mount Lhotse.

4. Mount Makalu Peak Climbing

Mount Makalu is the fifth highest mountain in the world. The mountain stands at an altitude of 8481m from sea level. This mountain also lies near Everest. The mountain is located 19km southeast of Mount Everest. The mountain which was summitted first time in 1955 is still considered as one of the most dangerous mountains in the world.

The pyramid-shaped mountain is famous for its sharp edges and steep ridges. Great courage and experience are needed to attempt this peak climbing in Nepal. Another, fact about Makalu is that it is the only above 800m mountain in Nepal that has never been climbed in the winter season. The Winter season is considered the most dangerous time for mountain climbers as it makes the climb more dangerous.

5. Mount Cho Oyu peak Climbing

Cho Oyu is the sixth highest mountain in the world. This mountain also lies in the same region near Mount Everest. It is 20km away from the peak of Everest and lies near the Nepal China border. The mountain stands at an altitude of 8201m from sea level. Mount Cho Oyu is considered as the easiest of 14 above 8000m in the entire world. This may be considered as the easiest above 8000m peak climbing in Nepal and the world but still can be dangerous as it is amazingly high.

No matter how easy the climb may be still anything can happen in those climates and altitudes so the climbers must be extremely cautious and alert to the surrounding. Cho Oyu has a death rate of 1.4%. It has 3138 successful attempts with 44 recorded deaths. Cho Oyu peak climbing in Nepal is attempted as a first step and above 8000m experience is summiting other dangerous and higher mountains mostly.

6. Mount Dhaulagiri Peak Climbing

Mount Dhaulagiri is the seventh highest peak in the world. The mountain stands at the height of 8167m from sea level beside mount Cho Oyu. Mount Dhaulagiri is considered one of the most dangerous mountains in the world. The mountain may be seventh among the height but is one of the top dangers of Nepal. The mountain is located near mount Annapurna another dangerous mountain of Nepal.

The mountain is no attempted as much as the other higher mountains of Nepal, it may be due to its altitude or the fact it is very dangerous to climb even for the most experienced. Of all the attempts made to climb the mountain 480 have reached the top while 73 have died during the extremely high process. Dhaulagiri peak climbing in Nepal is dangerous as it has very steep passages, a record of dangerous avalanches, and weather can change to terrible, these factors make Dhaulagiri peak climbing in Nepal one of the most dangerous.

7. Mount Manaslu Peak Climbing

Mount Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world. The elevation of the mountain is 8163m from sea level. Being above 8000m the mountain is also hard to climb. The peak passage to the peak of Manaslu is so narrow that it can only have one to two climbers at the peak at the given time. There have been 661 successful attempts to climb Mount Manaslu with 65 deaths that are recorded by the government of Nepal.

The current death rate of Mount Manaslu is 9.9% while it was extremely high in the past. Before the year 1990, the death rate was 35% which was extremely high compared to now. We can say that Manaslu peak climbing in Nepal has become very safe to the advancement of the tools and proper mapping of the mountain and the safe routes.

8. Mount Annapurna Peak Climbing

Mount Annapurna is the 10th highest mountain in the world. The ninth position belongs to the Nanga Parbat of Pakistan. Annapurna lies near mount Dhaulagiri. Mount Annapurna of Nepal is incredibly famous not for mountaineering but also for the Annapurna circuit trekking as well as the Annapurna basecamp trekking. The mountain is famous for the number of things which makes it very notable.

Annapurna Peak climbing in Nepal is considered one of the most dangerous that there is. IT is considered one of the most dangerous mountains in the entire world. Some say it gets the position of number 1 considering how dangerous it is. Annapurna stands at an altitude of 8091m from sea level. 9 mountains have altitudes higher than Annapurna. What makes Annapurna so dangerous than others?

Many difficulties are getting to the mountains, even some paths are very fatal. Nearing the peak the climbers must walk below the imbalanced ice walls. The risk is that the unbalanced walls can fall at any time causing a fatal accident. Besides that, the mountain has very steep and edgy areas that can be extremely dangerous with even just a small mistake. Another thing is that the mountain has a more avalanche-prone area compared to other mountains.

Annapurna peak climbing in Nepal has only been successfully attempted by 191 climbers. While the death number is 72 which makes the death rate 38%. It is the highest for any mountain in the world. Only the most professional mountaineers with lots of mountaineering experience under their belt and who are in their peak physical shape dare to attempt to climb the mountain.

9. Gyachung Kang Peak Climbing

The mountain stand at an altitude of 7952m from sea level. The mountain lies between the giant mountains Everest and Cho Oyu. Gyachung Kang was climbed for the first time in 1964. The mountain is the ninth highest peak in Nepal and the 15th highest in the world. Also, it is the highest mountain in the world that is not 8000m. It is not that only the mountain becomes dangerous when it is the highest in the world.

We know that Mount Everest is not the most dangerous mountain in the world in terms of climbing despite being the highest mountain in the world. Gyachung Kang peak climbing in Nepal may not be as famous and popular as the other high mountains, but it still has its importance and features. The highest 7000m mountain in the world has been attempted y many in the world and some also have successfully climbed.

10. Ama Dablam Peak Climbing

Ama Dablam is considered one of the most beautiful mountains of Nepal. The mountain is important from the religious point also besides being the adventurous and beautiful mountain. The southwest ridge of Ama Dablam peak climbing in Nepal is considered one of the most beautiful climbing routes in the entire Himalayan range. The mountain stands at an altitude of 6812m from sea level. Despite being the 6000m range mountain in the country with many 8000m and 7000m range mountains Ama Dablam is quite a popular amount the tourists and mountaineers.

Climbing Ama Dablam described as the climber cannot be exactly defined in one word as easy and hard. They found some sections to be easy, some moderate, and some hard also. Ama Dablam is often attempted by beginners who have just started mountain climbing. The mountain is not so high in altitude and is the perfect combination of hard, moderate, and easy routes that give experience to the beginners’ whin minimum risks.

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