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Nepal is a beautiful country located between the gigantic neighbors India and China. It has area of 147,516 km sq with the population of 28.09 million. The well and widely known fact about Nepal is that it has beautiful mountains, wildlife reserve, and water resources. However, Nepal is also popular for its diversified community, religious harmony, and cultures. Also, religion in nepal is also diverse, some believe in Hindu religion, some Buddhist and some on others.  It is utterly amazing to have so much diversification in such small country with that much population.

Nepal was a Hindu country before the declaration of secularism in 2006 AD. The country had religious harmony as well as religious peace before the declaration of secularism. On the point there was always religious harmony and balance, not just after the declaration of secularism.
Following are the various religion in Nepal followed by Nepalese people:

1) Hindu

Hinduism also called as the Santana dharma is the oldest religion in Nepal as well as the world. The major deities or trimurti of Hindu religion are brahma, Vishnu and shiva Hinduism is the religion with the largest number of followers in Nepal. About,81.34% out of total follows this religion. Before, the declaration of secularism in 2006 A.D. it was the only Hindu country in the world. Long ago before globalization all the people living here were following Hinduism, but due to migration, globalization other religion was also introduced in this country.

Brahmin, Chhetri, newars are the major ethnic groups that follow Hinduism. Dashain and Tihar are the major festivals of the Hindu community of Nepal. However, maha shivaratri, chaat, Holi, Krishna Janmashtami and many other festivals are celebrated with same enthusiasm. Pashupatinath, Muktinath, changunarayan, Bhadrakali, Krishna mandir are some of the major temples in the country.

Hinduism has many deities unlike other monotheism. Not just two or three nor nine or ten, Hinduism has so many gods that it is impossible to worship all of them. Only the major deities or the deities, family god are worshiped on the daily basis. In Hindu religion specific verses are chanted to please gods that are called as mantras or bhajans.

2) Buddhism

Buddhism in Nepal was introduced by Gautam buddha during the rule of 7th kirat king. Before gaining enlighten and becoming buddha, he was a prince with name Siddhartha Gautam. Buddhism religion in nepal is about finding enlighten, inner peace and following the way of nonviolence. Since Gautam Buddha Buddhism has flourished in Nepal as increased people joined the way of non-violence. Today about 9% of people in Nepal follow Buddhism.

Sherpas, Tamang, lamas are the major ethnic group that follows Buddhism in Nepal. Buddha Jayanti is the major festival of Buddhists of Nepal. While, Lumbini, Bouddhanath, Swoyambunath, muktinath are the major religious sites for the Buddhists of Nepal as well as other countries.

3) Islam

While talking about Islam religion in Nepal, the first Muslims to arrive in Nepal were the Afgans, persians who arrived here for trade or weapon manufacture for the kings. Introduction to Islam was also aided by the neighboring Indians in the 17 centuries. Today it consists about 4.4 % of the total population of Nepal. Mountain region of Nepal has the least number of Muslims while Terai has the highest numbers. The number in hilly region is also increasing due to increased people migrating into Kathmandu valley from terai.

Eid is the major festival of Muslim in the country as well as around the world. Jame masjid, kashmeere Jame masjid are some of the religious mosques situated in the country. Islam is monotheism religion where Allah is worshiped.

4) Christianity

Christianity religion in nepal makes about 1.4% of the total population of Nepal. It was first introduced in Nepal back in the 17th century. People following Christian religion are distributed all over the country. As of today, this religion is the fastest growing religion in the country.

It is like Islam also a monotheism where Jesus Christ is worshiped. Christmas is the major festival celebrated by the Christians in the country where bible is the main holy scripture. Nepalese Christian church, Church in Nepal, Apostolic Church Balkumari are some of the biggest church in the country.

5) Others

Aside from the major religion in Nepal have also many other religions which are in minority. Meaning very few numbers of people follow those religions. The remaining percentage of the population are covered by those. Sikhs, kirats, jain, om shanti are some of the many minor religions of the country. The have few numbers of followers but are very devoted to their god.

Nepal may have many religions, however despite the number of religion and ethnic groups the country people live in harmony with each other’s.