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Trekking takes you to the exquisite art of nature where you enjoy the exploration and scenery that comes along the voyage. Most of the people trek for pleasure, whereas others trek for adventure also. While trekking in the emerald hills and rugged mountains, you will observe verdant hills filled with diverse contents of nature. The journey in the high hills and mountains become even smoother when you have proper planning for the journey. Likewise, proper information flow to trekking group is also a prerequisite to making your journey enjoyable.

In the case of the arduous trek, it is often advisable to register in a government-certified agency. It is usually said such because the information flow to the trekking group is smooth from those groups as such a trekking agency is much experienced in carrying out the trek. Some other important thing in the trekking is you should plan the trek and glean all the necessary information necessary for the trek.

How to share information and aware of all members?

It is necessary to be polite for the information flow to the trekking group.

The guide should share information clearly and in a concise manner.

The prerequisite in sharing information is the information should be correct and not skewed and tempered.

The guide should also keep in mind about the impending changes in weather in the high mountain areas and prepare accordingly.

The guide should be intact with the pre-planned itinerary and also be flexible to any sort of the change in the route due to unforeseen causes.

How to share the guide skills?

 Certain skills make a person guide the rest of the people throughout the journey in the hiking and trekking. It is equally important to share the skills that a person has in a manner such a way that all people in the voyage nod to the direction offered. For that, the guide should have a commanding voice, which can be heard by the trekking enthusiasts.

Moreover, guides should be able to solve the queries of the trekkers on the journey. Furthermore, guides should be open-minded and equally listen to the questions asked for guides. If any medical or any other emergencies arise, guides should be able to solve them with ease. All in all, the guide should flow the information to the trekking group efficiently.

How to solve the conflict with the trekkers by information flow to trekking group? 

There might be some instances where there may arise conflicts with the trekkers. It may arise due to change in the itinerary or any other unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, the role of the guide should be to facilitate the interaction with a serene attitude. The group leader of the trekkers should try to manage the conflict by mediating the interaction. Likewise, the guide should calmly flow the information to the trekking group and clarify the causations that caused the unforeseen circumstances. Moreover, guides should do some humorous activities to cheer up the trekking group.

Likewise, the conflict may arise due to not showing up the exact places illustrated in the itinerary details. Some trekkers can understand the circumstances and stay calm. However, certain people raise questions. Answering the question should not be a big deal for the guides certain trekkers resort to the conflict. In such circumstances, guides should do the flow of the information to the trekking group in a polite way.

Motivation to trek

During the trek, conflict is not only an issue that arises due to the unforeseen circumstances. Some pressing issues might arise during the trip. They are the loss of motivation of the trekkers to continue the trek in the high hills due to altitude sickness. During such cases, the information flow to the trekking group is equally important because the trekkers might get demotivated watching their friend losing the motivation to go upward.

In the past, there were cases of deviating from the route, in such possible cases, the guide should take the lead and solve the problem by finding the best possible way and keep up the trekking smooth.