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Nepal is the birthplace of Buddhism. Buddhism in Nepal started to spread all over since the region of Ashoka through Indian and Tibetan missionaries. The teaching of Gautam Buddha was first embraced by Kiratas and later it was followed by Licchavis and Newars in Nepal. Buddha was born in Lumbini in the Shakya kingdom. The dictum of Buddha after his enlightenment, “wander forth, ye O monk, for the good of many, for the happiness of many ” seems to inspire so many people out there. This is the reason why Buddhism is the second-largest religion in the world. The disciples propagated the religion so much that they went to the furthest length to spread the teachings of Buddha throughout the world.

The original inhabitants of Nepal were many tribes of Indo-mongoloid stock. The main population consisted of Kiratas, Licchavis, and Newars. These three tribes helped to flow Buddhist religion all over the world. Buddhism in Nepal can be divided among many periods since the history of Nepal has witnessed many changes in the rule of different clans. Siddharth Gautam ( Gautam Buddha) was the founder of Buddhism.

Four major types of Buddhism exist in Nepal

1.Mahayana (The great vehicle) Buddhism in Nepal

It is heavily practiced around the world and in Nepal. It was derived from Tibet. The teaching of Mahayana Buddhism is about the enlighement, which is also the core principle of Buddhism. However, Mahayana Buddhism says that the enlightenment can be attained in a single life time and anyone can be enlightened.

2. Theravada (The teaching of the elders) Buddhism in Nepal

It is the oldest unbroken traditional practice by people since the time of Buddha. It got a decline in Nepal for many centuries but later it was reintroduced in the 19th century.

3.Vajrayana Buddhism in Nepal

This is the tradition of the Newar of Nepal. It was once much more widespread, being followed throughout South Asia. This Buddhism focuses on sacred complexes known colloquially as Baha or Bahi.

4.Mountain (Highland) Buddhism

The Highland people of Nepal follows this Buddhism. About 10% of Nepalese are practicing this religion and making this the second largest religion in Nepal. While Hinduism is the largest religion in Nepal, Buddhist ideas and rituals have also been incorporated into Hindu practices. There are so many Buddhist stupas and cultural places that are listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The UNESCO World Heritage-listed ancient stupas of Swayambhunath and Boudhanath are regarded as the most sacred sites for Buddhists in Nepal today. In addition to this, Nepal is the home of more than 3000 monasteries and each one of them is highly sacred and pure.

Lumbini the birthplace of Buddhism

Buddhism in Nepal is in fact the inception of the Buddhism in the whole world.  Lumbini is the birthplace of Buddha is intertwined with the history of Nepal. Even before the birth of Buddha, Lumbini was blessed by the foothills of snowcapped mountains and southern Terai plains meeting at the same place. Buddhist practicers are dotted all over the world and especially in Nepal. The grand stupas and monasteries here are a powerful reminder of religion living and breathing loud in the country.

Buddhism in Nepal—a sweet abode for the sacred monasteries

Moreover, Nepal houses many sacred Buddhist destinations that offer great insight into the history and legend of various forms of Buddhism. Nepal is also the perfect place to further delve into the vigorous study of Buddhism. As Buddhism is the second largest religion in Nepal, it holds a dear place in the hearts of people as well. The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, and places around its periphery serves people with thousands of caves, monasteries, stupas, etc. You can spot monks in their robes roaming around the streets and spreading positive vibes.

The intertwining culture of Buddhism and Hinduism had put spice on the culture of Nepal.

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