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Historically, Ayurveda is regarded as the holistic and ancient science of nature. It has been almost 5,000 years since Ayurveda is present to make our life emotionally and physically healthy and hearty. The science of Ayurveda is based on the fact that what we eat, we become. The food we eat directly and indirectly affect our wellbeing and can make us happy or dejected. More lucidly, we become full of energy and vigour if we eat healthy food or become torpor and dejected if we eat unhealthy food—it is all based on what we eat. The whole approach is called Sattvic.

Which is the Best Place for Ayurveda in Nepal?

Are you looking for Ayurvedic help to assist you with physical and mental well-being? If you are searching for such, Nepal is the best place to help you overcome your physical and mental stress. Ayurveda in Nepal is ancient and dates back to the archaic Vedic period. It is considered that Vedas are the archaic documented record of human civilization. Among the different branches of life science, Ayurveda is considered the oldest and most authentic life science in today’s world. The Sanskrit definition of Ayurveda is “the science of life” or “a natural way of living”.

List of 2 Best Places For Experiencing Ayurveda in Nepal

  1. Nepal Ayurveda Home
  2. Nepal Yoga Home

The goal of Ayurveda is to gain the highest aim of life: the synchronisation between internal and outward life. There are different aspects of health which comprises of body, mind and spirituality. Ayurveda in Nepal is traditional. It is considered an integral part of the culture and scientific heritage of Nepal. Still, many ayurvedic centres prepare ayurvedic medicines using archaic tools. Ayurveda in Nepal is so popular that there are many Ayurveda hospitals and research centres in Nepal. Still, there are many manuscripts that are recorded on the paper as well as leaves in the national library and collection centre in Nepal. Ayurveda in Nepal culture is rich and indispensable from Nepalese culture.

Nepal Ayurveda Home: Best Place for Ayurveda Center in Nepal

Nepal Ayurveda Home is the oldest and most dedicated and best Ayurveda center in Nepal that provides the all-inclusive and natural treatment with most up to date treatment in the Ayurveda. The location is well-suited for Ayurveda because it is serene and peaceful which is far from the hullaballoo of the crowded city, you can experience the awesome benefits to your health by eliminating toxic elements from mind, body and soul. The practice of ayurvedic lifestyle will destroy disease and sufferings, and provide you with the soothing experience that you are deserved.

The ayurvedic treatment rejuvenates the vigour that has been diminished inside you and take back you to the youthful state. The more you practice Ayurveda the more you become self-conscious and be awaked through the energy. The trained and experienced Yoga instructor will assist and guide you to reconcile yourself by synchronizing body, mind and soul.

Nepal Ayurveda Home the best place for Ayurveda in Nepal, offers vast treatment both in classical Vedic and Ayurvedic way and in a modern ayurvedic way. By using the treatment offered by the Nepal Ayurveda Home you will be able to cure your disease from the root. The care and treatment provided by the well-experienced and trained yoga and ayurvedic teacher will on Nepal Ayurveda home help you to develop a program that matches your interest and set you on a course to health and wellbeing and it is one of the best place for Ayurveda in Nepal. The prerequisite of using the offers of Nepal Ayurveda home is you can avail the packages both in-residents and out-residents.

Ayurveda Services Of Nepal Ayurveda Home

  • Kayakalpa Chikitsa
  • Massage
  • spa
  • Singing bowl healing
  • Trekkers massage
  • Reiki healing
  • Panchakarma treatments
  • Yogic Detox
  • Sirodhara Yoga
  • Mundane Yoga

We assist you to overcome your anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder without using medication, and any kind of side effects in a serene milieu. The service is available to everyone who wants to avail it, we do not discriminate any caste, colour, creed and region. The main objective of Nepal Ayurveda Home is to fix the sicknesses and improve wellbeing state of the people coming to visit us in characteristic manners. Our attention is on true Ayurveda treatment in Nepal with health. Nepal Ayurveda Home is a position of retreat for the individuals who are looking for a veritable all-encompassing experience for the prosperity of body and psyche.


If you want to know more about Ayurveda in Nepal you can browse the website: You can browse other information from the website. Nepal Ayurveda Home provides various services that could be handy while you need help in or while you are travelling in Nepal. You can contact at or for any queries and reservations. You are always welcome to visit the office, which is situated at Kwabahal, Thamel (Inside Hotel Nepalaya), Kathmandu.