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Overview Ayurveda Trekking

Millions of tourists every year flock to Nepal to seek the trekking adventure in Nepal. Nepal hosts some paradise places of trekking and hiking. The home to some of the highest mountains provides you once in a lifetime experience to obtain the best experience in the lap of nature.

Nepal offers umpteen of options ranging from easy to strenuous grade to trek in the lap of nature that ultimately gives you the chance to glean the best memories of your life. The awesome part of hiking in the emerald hills and pristine mountains of Nepal is it provides you with the breathtaking and the most challenging landscapes.

Additionally, the spot-less lakes, clear waterfalls, fresh glaciers, emerald hills, and high mountains lure many to do Ayurveda trekking. With many things on offer, Nepal is the best destination for trekkers. The presence of flora and fauna in the hills offers you the sheer pleasure while trekking in the verdant hills.

However, due to the 2015 earthquake number of trekking destinations faced a decrease in the number of trekkers in comparison to the past years. Nevertheless, things have changed after 4 years from the earthquake. The number of tourists coming to Nepal is slowly increasing and the campaign such as Nepal is safe for Ayurveda trekking and Visit Nepal 2020 is running successfully.

To make the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign successful Nepal has initiated the various campaign in many countries. The infrastructures are almost fully restored. The places are intact and new roads, hotels, and teahouses are being built. The cultural heritage sites are being restored and the new airport is in the final phase of construction.

Where Trek Nepal For Experiencing Best Ayurveda Trekking in Nepal?

Among many ways of trekking, the concept of Ayurveda trekking is at the incipient stage. There are some handful of institutions offering Ayurveda trekking in Nepal. The trek Nepal run by highly experienced and internationally and nationally recognized yogis and Ayurveda instructor offers a wide variety of Ayurveda trekking in Nepal.

Ayurveda trekking has a little bit of disparity from other forms of trekking. If you take Ayurveda trekking, you will be delineated with the information about the herbs, shrubs, trees and medicinal plants that are available in the verdant hills of Nepal. The experienced guide will guide you to unravel the hidden mysteries of the Ayurveda culture in the emerald hills of Nepal. You will feel get to know the rich Ayurveda culture of Nepal by experiencing it from the closest to nature as possible.

The Trek Nepal offers you an Ayurveda Trekking to the ancient and rugged topography in the high hills. The extra benefit of joining Ayurveda trekking is you will get the chance to interact and know more about the ancient history of natural science besides getting to know about yoga and pranayama.

List of Ayurveda Trekking in Nepal

  1. Everest Base Camp Ayurveda Trekking
  2. Annapurna Base Camp Ayurveda Trekking
  3. Langtang Base Camp Ayurveda Trekking
  4. Manaslu Ayurveda Trekking, etc.

Some of the unique characteristics of the Trek Nepal that is offered before and after.

Ayurveda Trekking are:

  • Daily routine guidance, lifestyle teaching, and classes on the basic concept of Ayurveda.
  • Pursue antiquated true rules of Ayurveda with present-day bits of knowledge by excellent parameters and preparing rules
  • Skilled, experienced and exceptionally qualified group of Ayurveda Physicians
  • Very much prepared, qualified and experienced advisors dependent on Ayurveda standards
  • Treatment configuration, subsequent meet-ups, day by day checking and results in the evaluation
  • Adhering to high calibre sterile gauges
  • Warm friendliness and Love full condition for the visitors
  • Flavorful Ayurveda veggie lover diet plans, experienced cook group and getting ready with affection and regarding person’s need
  • Everyday schedule direction, way of life instructing and classes on the essential idea of Ayurveda.

You can browse other information from our website. We at The Trek Nepal provide various services of Ayurveda trekking/ Yoga Trekking/ Normal trekking and several tours that could be handy while you travel to Nepal. You can contact us on our website or email us at or for any queries and reservations. You are always welcome to visit our office, which is situated at Bypass, Goldhunga -5, at the Lap of Nagarjun Jungle, Kathmandu-Nepal. We assure you of an enthralling and memorable journey for you and your family members during your stay.