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Nepal Trekking Tours

Find Different Destination Trekking Tours in Nepal

What comes to mind when we say Nepal Trekking Tours? Snowy mountains, sky peaks? Nepal for all the reasons has long been associated with challenging and exciting trekking excursions. Travel fans and adventurers have associated trekking very closely with Nepal since well-known tours to Everest base camp, Kanchenjunga base camp and Annapurna base camp begin in this country. Trekking in Nepal is on each traveler’s list, as it gives them a rich experience of beautiful backdrops, and challenging terrains and the magic of snow. Glimpses of Mount Everest, Mount Pumori, Mount AmaDablam and more are purely sensational and for the lack of another word, pure orgasm and nothing less for travelers and hikers. There are a variety of Trekking Tours in Nepal that are organized and well coordinated for travel enthusiasts. The Camp Trek based on Everest and the Kanchenjunga offer an authentic experience for people who only receive adrenaline with Glacier Mountains and rocky trails. If what you are excited about is climbing the high passes, we recommend that you be  in Nepal for Trekking and Tours. Rolwaling Trek, Three Passes Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek and others are some of the best Yoga Trekking tours in Nepal.

More on Trekking…

They are not limited to these, but hikes such as Island Peak, Makalu Base Camp Trek, and Himchuli Peak Trek are also famous among travelers to a great extent. From different levels of difficulty, such as difficulty, moderate and easy, you can choose a walk according to your requirement and physical condition. Each walk offers an exciting experience that surely should not be missed. Therapeutic experience in itself, take it, we recommend you and live the emotion. These walks are organized with experienced guides with extensive training and equipment provided to travelers to ensure their safety. Explore our list that details about different walks. Everest is considered as one of the highest mountain in sea level on Earth. The mountain is so high that challenges you to trek at your base camp. The camp trek which is based on Everest is probably the best achievement of your life. This trekking will lead you to walk on the highest mountain in the world which will be the best trekking and tours in Nepal. The trekking camp tour will carry 14 days and you will be able to witness the amazing hilly areas, famous cities and towns.

Different Yoga Trekking tours in Nepal

Usually the Base Camp initiates in the month of March and ends in the mid of May. It also takes place from the month of September and continues till middle of the month of November. The trekking or the tour is focused on the weather of the place. The humid weather can make the adventure a strenuous one. The trekking tour program will guide to gaze at the several areas of the land and you will find yourself close to the Nepalese culture. Starting spot of the trekking: The trekking will begin from the capital city of Nepal. Points to remember: Though you are aware of it, but we do not leave any chance of informing you. For the trip, you must carry only the necessary items like UV protected sunscreen lotion, warm clothes, hiking boots, water bottle, and other relevant items. However, you must also carry a first aid kit which is very vital in such kind of journey.

Trekking to Annapurna base camp, Nepal

If you are planning for an adventure of trekking in the hilly station then the base camp of Annapurna will be best for you. This hike is only suggested for those who already managed the hike of moderate difficulty, since the steep hike, with difficult walking paths, is intended for experienced trekking lovers. The highlight: After examining the weather conditions, the tour chose appropriate climate condition to take place and continues from 7 to 10 days. You can even witness the stimulating peaks of Fishtail and Annapurna. The incredibly beautiful roads will take you higher. You will be overwhelmed with the snow-covered swathe and the moss-covered jungles and with the beautiful scenario of sunset. Spot of the camp: Pokhara Points to remember: The level of this hike is moderate to difficult. You should be well aware of the weather condition before undertaking such an adventure. Make sure to bring the extra pair of hiking boots and socks and also a sleeping bag to protect you from the wind.

Excursion to Everest base camp, Nepal

The west side of the base camp of Everest is home to Gokoyo, Ri, Cho-la Pass trail and few alpine lakes which captivates the lovers of beautiful sites.  The Nepal hiking tour will be more adventurous for those who already have experience in hiking. Highlights: The tour will enable you to enjoy the views of the mountains covered with snow and breathtaking scenarios. The hikers will experience the culture of Buddhist, the immaculate lakes and the diverse ethnicity. This hike also continues towards Sagarmatha National Park as well. Points to remember: We are assuring you that trekking will be a difficult one, so make sure you carry every vital element be it woolen clothes, hiking boots or sleeping bags. Also remember other necessary items such as UV lotion or water bottle, etc.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Nepal Trekking

If you really love to explore the sightseeing or experiencing an adventure, then you might not miss this Kanchanjunga base camp trekking and expedition. The peaks of Kanchenjunga are mainly glaciers and it will make you enjoy the beautiful scenario and it will result in your jaw dropping. The highlight: During your trekking journey you will spectacle numerous floras and faunas. Rolwaling Yoga Trek The trip between Gaurishankar Himal and Rolwaling Himal will give you the best experience. This area was first discovered during the Everest’s reconnaissance period. You will really really enjoy the Rolwaling yoga trek due to its natural beauty. Highlights: The hiking will guide you towards Lodge, and Teahouse. You will be close to the community of Sherpa and a breathtaking view of Himalayas. Spot of the camp: From Kathmandu to GongarKhola Highlights: You will spectacle the attractive landscape rhododendron and juniper forests. Three Passes TrekSend Consulta The three-step walk is home to the Everest. The trip is designed in such a way which evokes the interest of performing an adventure. The Nepal trekking involves restless walk that it sometime becomes fatigue but the warm welcome of the Nepalese or especially the Sherpas will reduce all your tiredness. Highlights: You also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the dynamic lifestyle of the Sherpas. The appropriate visiting time: from March till the month of May and from October till the month of November. Difficulty level: High.

Path of the Annapurna circuit

Annapurna, the famous mountains in the world, is popular for its walk. Walks here exceed apart from the tourist visits of nature to the glimpses Nepalese culture, the different ethnic groups and the rustic life of the mountains in general. The total length is 160-230 km, which makes it a moderate difficulty hike. The highlight: This walk includes Tho-rung La Pass at 5,400 m and reaches to Tibetan plateau. The walk will undergo 15-20 days and you will enjoy the beautiful scenes of numerous rivers while crossing it on hanging bridges of steel and wood. Location: Initially the walk will start from Kathmandu and it continues towards Khudi. You can even shorten your walk by flying from the Jomsom. Points to remember: Don’t forget to carry water bottle, sleeping bags, hiking boots, woolen clothes and first aid box.

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