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Eco tours or economic tourism is the most talked about topic in the 21st century. In simple words, ecotourism means traveling responsibly to natural areas with the motive of conserving the environment and simultaneously, giving back to the local society. In a nutshell, it aims to unify conservation, responsible travel, and communities. Nepal is also adopting the principle of eco-tours and this blog shall give you an insight into the 7 eco tour in Nepal.

1. Tamang Heritage Trail – eco tour in Nepal

The Tamang Heritage trail takes you north of the Kathmandu valley and deep into the wilderness of the Langtang region. The trek occurs inside the Langtang National Park which not only houses exotic creatures but is home to Tamang people as well. They have been residing in these hills since hundreds of years ago and due to tourism, their culture and traditions are in the limelight. The Tamangs of Thuman and Briddim have a lifestyle that reflects Tibetan culture.

They are involved in agriculture and some places, animal husbandry too. You can follow the principle of the eco-tour and contribute to the people by purchasing their products and taking part in a homestay. Locals will be delighted when you do that. Also, the natural aspect of the tour gives you surreal pictures of the Langtang mountain range and Gosainkunda Lake. This eco tour in Nepal will make you appreciate nature and people.

2. Sailung trek

The Sailung Trek is a recently opened trekking trail that serves as a great route to comprehend the culture and indulge in sightseeing. The trek normally lasts for 10 days and it takes you to the northern part of Nepal. You will walk past dense jungles and climb hills to reach places like Gurase Bhanjyang, Kattikedeurali, and Palanchok. The people living here are from Tamang, Lama, Sherpa, Thami, and Majhi communities. It provides a nice opportunity to witness their culture.

Besides, this trek takes you to the religious Dhormba Gompa and the Palanchok Bhagwati temple. Enjoy surreal views of the Sailung Himal and the Langtang mountain range to fully enjoy the trek.

3. Api Himal trek – eco tour in Nepal

Much of western Nepal is unexplored and the Api Himal trek is not an exception. This trek is yet to hit its full potential and due to its ruralness, it is one of the best eco tour in Nepal. Trekking in this region will provide you with unblemished views of the Api Himal, Nanda Devi peak, and Kappa chuli peak. Also, the holy Kalidhunga lake will provide you with a spiritual awakening too.

The Api Himal trek not only focuses on natural aspects, but the cultural society is also something to look after. We have people from different communities like Jhakri, Lohar, Mahara, and Chhetri. Contribute to society by purchasing local products and residing in the local home. It will give you a broad perspective on the life of the locals.

4. Tsum valley trek

The Tsum valley trek is one of the most restricted lands in Nepal. It is carefully nestled between the Himalayas. This trek takes you on a journey that spans roughly 3 weeks and gives you more than you have paid. This journey provides you unrestricted views of the colossal Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal, and the Boudha Himal. Also, the trail is beautifully decorated with prayer flags, rivers, and dense forests.

The people living in the Tsum valley practice Tibetan dialect and have a unique culture, lifestyle, and religion. This part is very rural and you might find some of their culture pretty amazing. Most of the locals fall below the poverty line so even a small help from your side can make a big difference. A combination of unique culture and untouched wilderness makes it one of the best eco tour in Nepal.

5. Nar Phu valley trek

Although most parts of the Annapurna region have been mapped, some parts are yet to be fully explored. Yes, we are talking about the Nar Phu valley trekking which is to this day, shrouded in mystery eco tour in Nepal. It resides in the northern part of Annapurna and to reach here, one must pass through dense forests, and cross huge pastures. The view of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri is a constant variable.

The people living here are greatly affected by the Tibetan culture and traditions. The houses are centuries old and are made up of rock and stone. Thakali and Bhotia are the common inhabitants in these parts and they are involved in agriculture. It does not pay much in these parts so, through tourism, you can aid in making a difference.

    6. Bardia National Park tour

    The Bardia National Park is a utopia for people that love wilderness and nature. It houses a wide array of flora and fauna as a part of eco tour in Nepal. In terms of fauna, we got the Royal Bengal tiger, one-horned rhinoceros, and elephants. Also, the park consists of more than 800 species of flora. The major activities that can be done here are rafting, jungle safari, and witnessing Tharu culture.

    When we speak of culture, the Tharu people have a pretty unique one. They reside near the park premises and through interaction, you can learn much about them. They run local shops and provide homestay facilities. When you take them, you are providing a valuable contribution to society and its development.

      7. Ghalegaun homestay

      Ghalegaun is famous for being the best example of homestay-based tourism in Nepal. This homestay experience provides you an inside look into the life of the Gurung and Ghale communities. This location sits about 205 km away from Kathmandu and is easily accessible by road.

      As most of the houses here provide homestay services, you will be doing a major part in contributing to society. The Gurung museum tells you about the life of ancient Gurungs and if you are lucky, you can witness dances like Ghyabring, Ghantu dance, and Jhyaure. As it resides in the Annapurna region, it provides amazing views of the Annapurna mountain range.

      We must do our part in promoting eco tour in Nepal. It not only helps to uplift the living standard of locals but aids in the conservation of wildlife as well.

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