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Uncover the wilderness: Bardia National Park Tour


Bardia National Park Tour

The Bardia National Park tour is designed to provide nature lovers with an ethereal experience of grasslands and wildlife. The tour takes place in the Terai region’s untamed wilderness where you can witness Sal forests and wide grasslands. An abundance of activities along with very low human interference has contributed to this tour’s popularity. In this blog, we shall take a closer look at the various activities which make this tour memorable.

Before we explore the activities that compose the Bardia National Park Tour, let’s have a glance at the park’s factual details.

Factual Details 

  • The park dates back to 1988 and was initially called Royal Bardia National Park.
  • It covers an area of 968 km2 or 374 square miles.
  • It joins the Banke National Park to form the Tiger Conservation Unit (TCU)
  • The vegetation inside the national park mostly comprises of deciduous forests and grasslands.

It is not only important to acknowledge facts, but it is equally crucial to learn about how the national park came into being. Here is a quick history lesson.

History of Bardia National Park

During the 1800s, Nepal lost this part to the then East India Company via the Sugauli treaty. For at least 40 years, it was an integral portion of British India but was returned to Nepal in 1860. This area was initially cast aside for hunting and went by the name of the Royal Karnali Wildlife Reserve in 1976. In 1988, it was converted into a national park.

Before we stray away from the topic, let’s get into it. The Bardia National Park sits in the far western portion of Nepal and as a result, travelers are disheartened by the long distance. Although there are tours that lead to Bardia, people are yet to travel in full throttle. The national park serves as an abode to exotic creatures like elephants, leopards, and even the Royal Bengal tiger. Also, Bardia is not overrun by tourists which are a great plus point.

The Bardia National Park tour helps in validating the fact that there is more to Nepal than mountains. In contrast to the Himalayas, the lush jungles thriving in wildlife are way more soothing. Fun fact, you won’t have to enter the park to witness greenery, the nearby surroundings are filled with vegetation. The locals residing in these parts are the ‘Tharus’ and their way of life is amazing.

Activities that can be done 

1. River boating

One of the most entertaining and simultaneously, exciting activities that can be done in this Bardia National Park tour is boating. It sounds simple but the trail it follows is more than that. The boat navigates along the Karnali river where you can witness crocodiles and fishes. This region of the Karnali river is calm so don’t get your hopes up for high rapids! If you love fishing, then you can blend it into your trip as well.

2. Bird watching

The Bardia National Park is home to a plethora of birds. It houses more than 400 species of birds. Some of them are migratory which means that they can be seen during certain times fo the year only. Carry your trusty binoculars and head out to witness birds like the vulture, Bengal florican, and the Grey-crowned Prinia along with plenty of other birds. Nothing beats the experience of bird watching in this Bardia National Park tour. 

3. Visit the crocodile breeding center and elephant breeding center

If you fancy wildlife and are keen to know about how they are grown and cared, then do visit the crocodile breeding center. There, you can see gharials and their nests. Also, you can observe them protecting their eggs. The elephant breeding center lets you interact with the elephants and witness their young. Talk with the mahout and he might let you ride on it!

4. Explore the Tharu village and visit the Tharu museum

The Tharu people live near the periphery of the Bardia National Park. In this Bardia National Park tour, you will visit the Tharu museum and learn about the lifestyle of these people. Furthermore, you will learn about their language, artifacts, and lifestyle. If you are lucky, you can take part in the Tharu cultural program which will further acquaint you with Tharu culture.

Best time to visit

The best time to take the Bardia National Park tour is from the mid of September to the mid of December. During this period, the weather is favorable and it is not so hot too. If you want to increase your chances of observing tigers, then you should visit just before the monsoon commences, which is June. However, it can be pretty hot.

The Bardia National Park is a sitting goldmine that will undoubtedly provide you with a euphoric experience. The experience gained here is second to none.

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