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Rock Climbing Tour in Nepal – 1 Day Tour

Nepal is famous for its adventurous sports. Many tourists visit every year to enjoy the enthralling adventurous sports in Nepal. Rafting, Paragliding, Kayaking, Zip flying tops the chart for the adventure seekers. However, very few people are aware that Nepal also offers rock climbing tours and opportunities. Of late, this tour in Nepal is gaining momentum and local as well as foreigners come here to climb the rocks.

What is rock climbing?

The adventurous activity that involves you to go up to the barren rocks that are either made by nature or artificial walls with the ultimate aim of acing the summing or the endpoint through the predefined routes. Sport demands a lot of physical as well as the mental strengths, endurance to climb, balance the climber make with his or her mental efforts. The demand for climbing is steadily going up. With the opening of the few rock climbing tour companies which offer a day climbing tour, the climbing enthusiasts can enjoy the tour thoroughly by choosing the appropriate tour package.

 Main components 

The main component of rock climbing is that the rock climbers should balance their weight using their hands. If the person lacks the proper knowledge and balance to climb the rock then the climbing turns out to be precarious indeed. Therefore, it is usually advisable to get the proper equipment to ace the climbing. Many people have a phobia of heights. If you are fazed with the height then this sports is not for you. Therefore, you should get rid of phobias through yoga or any other suitable technique.

Appropriate places for rock climbing in Nepal

Nagarjun Forest Reserve Site

Nagarjun Forest Reserve Site is famous for rock climbing, thanks to its easy accessibility from Kathmandu. The site is located 3km away from Kathmandu. It lies in the northwest of the valley. The place is equally important for nature lovers. The site harbors many species of birds, wild boars, monkeys, leopards, etc. It is recorded that the forest reserve hosts almost 318 species of birds.

Hattiban Site

Hattiban is the next easily accessible site from the Kathmandu valley. It lies in the southern parts of the valley. The site hosts one of the best climbing sites, which is most importantly a good fit for the highly skilled and seasoned rock climbers. The climbing spot is the best for those who want to get rewarded with the feeling of acing the toughness. It brings the sereneness to the climbers who can ace the site.

Bimal Nagar Site

For rock-climbing enthusiasts who want to enjoy the driving and views offered in the route can join the Bimal Nagar site. The site is located along the route of the Kathmandu-Pokhara highway. The rock climbing in the Bimal Nagar Site is suitable for all climbers. Furthermore, the site offers a panoramic view of the Magnificient Mountains like Mount Manaslu and Marshyandi River.

One day Schedule


We will come to Thamel at around 10 am from where we departure to our destination

It take nearly half hour to reach the destination if the destination is Nagarjuna, or Hattiban. If our destination is Bimal Nagar then it will take at least 4 hour to reach.

We hike for half hour to reach the Nagarjun rock climbing spot.

All the team members will wait for their turn to climb the rock

We will have a lunch at 1 Pm

We leave for Kathmandu after having lunch.