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Tamur River Rafting- Ten days Rafting with Trek

Tamur River rafting let you travel to the eastern part of Nepal offering the incredible view of the highest mountains in the world far to the north as well as the scenic and scintillating atmosphere throughout the trek to Tamur River. It grants you an opportunity of excitement in rafting obviously. Moreover, it will be a destination to reach with few days of trek. While trekking along the way of rustic setting of the Himalaya nation, you would be amazingly stunned by the panoramic and freshening air and environment you will feel and follow. Situated at the height of 3000 meters, Tamur River will be an extra-ordinarily remote and adventurous rafting experience both for experienced kayakers or the newcomers in the thrilling world of the water recently.

Few days of rafting period will be continued in camp. On the edge of the river, the camp will be erected or set up. The shining beach, stony rivers and pebbles on the bank of the river will allure you more than ever as you are in the complete column of water and its flow. This must be some exciting experience with some unprecedented experience of this remote area which will be an unforgettable memory. It is not only about the rafting itself, it’s also about the people, community and the geography you will come to see will be more exhilarating and heartening moments. Greenery jungle and freshening air will be felt even more harmonious and welcoming as the warm Namaste with warm smile will relief you from the tiredness or exhaustion you may have felt during the trek. Your legs may be get tired because of the long walk but you will get compensated by the stimulating and incredible scenario you would see in each couple of step you stride.


Day 1 of Tamur River Rafting

 Fly from Kathmandu to Biratnagar then drive to Basantpur for 5 hours.  Overnight stay at a hotel in Basantpur.

Day 2 of Tamur River Rafting

Trekking from Basantpur to Tuhurenpari, overnight camping.

Day 3 of Tamur River Rafting

Trekking from Tuhurenpani to Basantpur, overnight camping.

Day 4 of Tamur River Rafting

Trekking from Basantpur to Dovan, overnight camping.

Day 5  of Tamur River Rafting

Rafting from Dovan to Bensi Tar, overnight camping.

Day 6 of Tamur River Rafting

Rafting from Bensi Tar to Phulbari, overnight camping.

Day 7 of Tamur River Rafting

Rafting from Esuwa Khola to Naya Pul, overnight camping.

Day 8 of Tamur River Rafting

Rafting from Naya Pul to Simal Charu, overnight camping.

Day 9

Rafting from Simal Chaur to Triveni, overnight camping.

Day 10

Rafting from Triveni to Chatara, drive to Biratnagar and fly back to Kathmandu