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Sun koshi River Rafting

Sun Koshi River Rafting is one of the most challenging rafting. With its flow from the northern Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet, it pierces all the way down to the river of Ganges. Because of its confluence into the Ganges, it has been regarded as Holy River by Hindu followers. The Shiva temple established in Dumja village which has been reputed as the first Shiv temple of Nepal nearby the river has fascinated and signified the reverence of the river. About 65 kilometers to the east of Kathmandu is located a place named Dolalghat from where the rafting gets started in the white and jade water of Sun Koshi River which continues for about 272 kilometers. The name has been interestingly given to the river after its reputation as the river where in its sand could be found the gold.

Enjoying the green jungle and natural setting crowned in the side of the river while rafting in the holy water of the Himalayas, the rapids will be grade 3 in the beginning of the rafting. However, the rapids and challenge gets increased as the journey flows down and further. It will be an amazing mixture of beginners and intermediate level of rafting starting at Dolalghat and concludes at Chatara, the distance of one hour from Biratnagar in vehicle.


Day 1: Kathmandu to Dolalghat

Drive to Dolalghat (3 hours) from Kathmandu. And rafting for Tarang Gaon where the overnight camp will be held.

Day 2: 4 hours of Rafting

Approximately 4 hours of rafting from Tarang Gaon to Dumja Village.

The most remarkable part of the rafting of this day will be Khuei Bhai rapid where you need considerable amount of care and caution.

Day 3: Rafting from Dumja Village to Khurkot

Dumja Village to Khurkot for 6 hours of rafting.

It will be the day which will allow you to see the fishing village named Kodari as well as the Chamera Bhir where many bats are clinging on the huge cave-like wall of cliffs chirping clamorously.

Day 4: 5 Hours Rafting

Khurkot to Likhu Khola for about 5 hours of rafting.

Some Rai communities are seen. The area will suit for some photo clicks.

Day 5: 6 Hours Rafting

Likhu Khola to Harkapur village will take the rafting time of about 6 hours.

Deeper gorges are floated along with the glimpse of monkeys frolicking in the trees on the edge of the rivers as well as on the water.

Day 6 of Sun koshi River Rafting

Harkapur Village to Rai Ghat rafting approximately for 6 hours.

Bridge Rapids, Krishna Rapids, Mangal Rapids and Roller Coaster Rapids all will the challenges of the day where Manga Rapids stands out for its convergence point to Dudh Koshi River. It may be the most adventurous and breath-taking rafting experience of the whole rafting trip.

Day 7: Rafting at Rai Ghat to Bander Ghat

Rai Ghat to Bander Ghat around 6 hours of rafting.

Sap Pu Khola Rapid will still be challenging you here.

Day 8: 6 hours Rafting at Bander Ghat

Bander Ghat to Bonjur Ghat around 6 hours of rafting.

The last daring point where Mardheku gorge is waiting for you.

Day 9 of Sun koshi River Rafting

Bonjur Ghat to BarahKshetra nearly 6 hours of rafting.

The wider water of the river as it descends down to this point will remind and reminiscence you of those heart-throbbing and mind-boggling rafting excitement during this long expedition.

Day 10: Return Back

Bharahkshetra to Chatara will be the short rafting experience about one or two hours.

Drive to Biratnagar and flight to Kathmandu will one option whereas the idea of taking bus to Kathmandu will also be fine.