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Karnali River Rafting

Karnali River Rafting is the journey to the longest river of Nepal gets the most adorable and adventurous rafting experience ever. In the very remote location and vicinity of the greenery wilderness, the journey of rafting plunges down to most sacred and hollowed river originated out from Mountain Kailash, the place equally admired and venerated by Buddhists and Hindus. Whirling and whistling in the excitement of the adventure would be immense as the river welcomes you with most sacred sense of serenity and freshness which completely plummets you in the aroma and charisma of the nature. As the journey extends further, the glory of this vast river allows you to see the crocodile lying on the bank of the beach while you are floating over the chilling water. The swimming and fishing will also be one of the memorable parts of this expedition indeed.

Being the largest river opened for rafting, Karnali River Rafting has been truly the most fascinating and electrifying rafting because of its high rapids of class 4 and 5 having numerous in numbers. The put-in point starts at Sauli which is located in Surkhet district even though the river has long way upwards to the Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet. In 180 kilometers of rafting distance, the take out point comes at Chisapani. As the river flows along the side of Bardiya National Park, it also allows to visit the park which is famous for one-horn rhinos and black sheep.

There are two way of travelling option mainly for this part of the country; either you can get on the plane for Nepalgunj or on the bus for Surkhet directly which takes about 15 hours of drive. If you choose the former option, you can again get on a drive up to Surkeht which doesn’t take more than 4 hours.


Day 01 Karnali River Rafting

Drive from Kathmandu to Surkhet

It’s long journey on the bus for about 15 hours. We expect you to be patient because of the upcoming excitement and awe-inspiring event to come.

Day 02 Karnali River Rafting

 Drive to Sauli

About 5 hours of drive from Surkhet, the put-in Sauli will be reached. The rest of the time for the day will be used for the exploration around. Overnight stay at a camp.

Day 03 Karnali River Rafting

Sauli to First Inquiry

The adventure in the river starts from here on. In the morning after having breakfast, the journey moves in the chill water sailing and sliding further. The thick jungle in the both side of the river falls the shadow in the river which images like a beautiful art created in the sand which gets erased as soon as the flow of the rafting waves gushes on it. Overnight stay will be at a camp.

Day 04 Karnali River Rafting

First Inquiry to God’s House

First Inquiry is left behind to see the God’s House. In between these two places remains the purgatory of the rafting adventure. The torrents and gorges with narrow shaped river covered by the jungle on either side of the river demands a very skillful rafter guide and the group effort to operate and proceed further. Eventually, the day comes to an end with lots of awesome and amazing adventure. Overnight stay will be held at a camp.

Day 05 Karnali River Rafting

God’s House to Seti Dovan

When you again leave the God’s House and continues your journey to the world you need to be prepared more than ever. Figuratively speaking, it means to say that even more audacious and exploratory rapids will check your heart and head. With the competent guidance of a rafter guide, the rapids will be highly enjoyed rather than being bamboozled in the fear of the rapids. Overnight will be at a camp in Seti Dovan.

Day 06 Karnali River Rafting

Seti Dovan to Jamuna Village

The beauty of this day is the good work of paddling to raft on the river further and further.  All the day, there will be fun and joy with comparatively less class of rapids than previous days of rafting adventurous. However, the freshness and thrill can’t be underestimated as the panoramic views and scintillating scenarios will just baffle you with amazement more than ever.

Day 07 Karnali River Rafting

Jamuna Village to Campsite

On this day, the village expedition and exploration will be consumed whole day. Visiting to the green lush ground and community, the time with villagers and chatting with them will add the bunch of memory in your whole expedition. Overnight will be held at a campsite.

Day 8-9 Karnali River Rafting

Campsite to Bheri Confluence

As we leave campsite behind we further come to the area which looks magnificent and marvelous. The rapids, however, decreases as the river starts to flow on the plain surface coming out of the gorge and high gradient of river. The adventures comes to the converging point of two river Karnali and Bheri which is called Bheri Confluence, destination for the day.

Day 10 Karnali River Rafting

Bheri Confluence to Chisapani

It was already plain and wide which gets more and more, the more we move down. Rafting through Bardiya National Park has already been started since we come to Bheri confluence which would be wonderful as it welcomes you with crocodile on the bank of the river as well as swimming opportunity in the river which would be safe rather than the gorge area. By afternoon, the adventure comes to a suspension bridge at Chisapani, the last destination of the rafting adventure. Getting on the drive missing the river-journey will be headed for Nepalgunj. There is also option for visit to Bardiya National Park. In that case, the overnight stay will be at a lodge in the vicinity of Bardiya National Park.

Day 11 Karnali River Rafting

Drive to Nepalgunj and Fly to Kathmandu

The road journey begins again for Nepalgunj, the hot and humid land which serves as the trade hub of the mid-western region of the country. In the afternoon flight we fly back to Kathmandu.