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Tirtha Acharya

Tirtha Acharya

(Founder, The Tour Trek and Travel Nepal)

Being an engineer in the field of computer and technology, Tirtha Acharya didn’t only confine his ability of engineering in the sector of computer but also carried an ambition to architect the tourism and cultural development of Nepal. In addition to his promising and enticing career of computer engineer, he determined to contribute in tourism development of Nepal with his creative engineering mind and the concept of entrepreneurship. With the entrepreneurial idea and the desire to work in the social, economic development of Nepal by the utilization of its most alluring natural ornaments i.e. tourism. Carrying such a benevolent and empowering vision in mind, he decided to run a company with greater hope for tourism development in Nepal. His interest to explore different parts and places of Nepal as well as doing some social work tie with the idea of tourism development. In this context, his time and investment in the tourism sector seems to be optimistic and awe-inspiring leaps for the society. He felt the necessity of Tourism Company which can provide qualitative tourism service with safe and security.

Er. Acharya’s involvement is not only limited to engineering and tourism, he has also been working and applying his remarkable managerial responsibility in smooth and outstanding performance of Nepal Yoga Home. Since the establishment of Nepal Yoga Home, he has been excelling the quality and recognition to the higher level. The understanding and cooperation in the area of yoga has been wonderful because of his accomplishment and study of yoga as 200 Hours Registered Yoga Teacher from Yoga Alliance International. His relentless dedication and workaholic manner has immensely supported to gain the reputation of Nepal Yoga Home not only in national level but also in internal arena.

As a lecturer, Er. Acharya has been teaching at Kantipur Engineering College at present. Accomplishing the graduation in engineering at National College of Engineering, Lalitpur, he pursued his master in Computer Engineering from Nepal College of Information Technology. The combination of good communication skills, commanding voices and creative mind enhanced his personality even in outstanding height. His pleasing personality and positive attitude always adorns the way of exceptional way of his personal to professional life. His self-motivation and self-determination has made him successful. Working as software developer at Avionte Solutions, he implemented his computer skills which he has been continuing as a freelance software developer till the date.