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Two Night Three Days Yoga Retreat in Thamel


2 Night 3 Days

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Two Night Three Days Yoga Retreat in Thamel

Willing to take part in two night three days Yoga retreat in Thamel? Trek Nepal offers Yoga programs by the best Yoga professionals in Kathmandu.

The term ‘yoga’ is defined as an artistic ritual that aims to shorten the gap between one’s physical and spiritual being. When one thinks of yoga, the first thing that comes to mind is the silent picture of forests and the snow-crusted Himalayas. It is in these quiet corners that yoga started.

If historical accounts are to be followed, then it is estimated that yoga initiated thousands of years ago on the ancient land of India and Nepal. Other accounts tell the story that Lord Shiva was the pioneer of yoga and from him, it flowed to sages and Rishis.

Practice Yoga in an Open Space

One aspect of yoga that everyone agrees upon is that it is highly recommended to practice yoga in the great outdoors. Outdoors can range from forests, near water bodies, or even a nearby park. Although it might seem like an awesome idea, let’s get back to reality.

In this age of rapid modernization and urbanization, it is difficult to find an open space. Even if it is available, others have had the same thought of practicing yoga in an open space. You may have made your mind to practice yoga during holidays but let’s face it not everything goes to plan. The frantic hustle and bustle ate your days and now you have only a couple of days left.

Best Yoga in Thamel, Kathmandu

Fear not as even under such time constraint, you can embrace the divine art called yoga. If you are planning to visit Nepal for a cultural and natural awakening, then there is a high probability that you can indulge in a yoga retreat.

After scouting the hills and mountains, why not spend delightful time in a yoga retreat in Thamel? There are other places too but we advise you to visit Thamel specifically as some of the best yoga retreats in the country are there. Besides, it takes in your time consideration as well.

One of the most frequented and talked about travel and service operator Trek Nepal also operates from Thamel. It operates alongside its sister organizations, Nepal Yoga Home and Nepal Ayurveda Home to provide the best yogic experience for students, Nepal Yoga home resides in Thamel and can be called as an example of a perfect yoga retreat in Thamel. This retreat dates back to 2010 and is the first yoga hotel in Nepal. Rather than dictating the perks about this retreat, it is better if you visit this retreat and understand the methodology practiced here.

Daily Schedule

7:30 am – Yoga Asana

Time is of the utmost essence so in this yoga retreat in Thamel, expect the course to be a bit fast-paced. From the very first day, you will feel the pressure. Our teachers will take you through the necessary asana and poses that are mandatory. The mornings can be a bit rough as the body is yet to be fully functional. Follow the instructions of the mentors to truly inculcate the magic of yoga.

8:30 am – Breakfast

The tempo of the class is bound to make you tired. Luckily, breakfast is around the corner. Enjoy a delicious meal of healthy vegetarian food that is light on the stomach and is packed with energy. Be sure to eat properly as they say, ‘A healthy mind exists in a healthy body.’

9:30 am – Meditation and Yogic Relaxation

Once breakfast is over, you’ll find yourself in yet another session. Till now, you might have gotten used to the tempo and it will be a bit easier for you. The teacher will teach you about meditation which will prove useful in the long term as well. The yogic relaxation techniques will focus on your overall growth and development.

2:00 pm – Lunch

The long hours spent on meditation will completely burn the breakfast taken in the morning. Fret not as the lunch made in this yoga retreat will completely replenish your energy levels. Dine on the finest ingredients and after a hearty lunch, enjoy the camaraderie which is bound to last all eternity.

4:00 pm – Yoga Asanas

Another round of yoga asana is what you must go through to create a better version of yourself. Brace yourself for yet another round of stretching and straining. Be sure to grasp the inner concept of these asanas as well. It might not be practical at first but once you get the hang of it, it gets easy.

5:00 pm – Breathing, Chanting and Yoga Philosophy

The final part of the day involves taking a class on yoga philosophy and mantric chants. You will understand the meaning behind the chants and learn to apply its meaning in your daily lives. Learn proper breathing techniques too if you are to get a step closer to mastering yoga.

This two night three days yoga retreat in Thamel will put you a step closer in achieving your desired outcome and give you value for your buck.

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