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Why Yoga and Trekking For Oldage or Seniors?

You are gaining some serious fat and losing your temper over petty things, I recommend practicing Yoga. This is my most recent interaction with the term. Frankly, most of us at some point in our lives have been recommended doing so or self-thought about doing it. Yoga Trekking for Seniors is one of our package which makes you ease to do the trekking to high Himalayas of Nepal.

“Discovered thousands of years ago yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ meaning to unite. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva established the science of yoga and goddess Parvati was his first disciple.”(Indiawellness). Created in the Hindu culture and passed from generation to generation, now thousands of years later it is some sort of worldwide phenomenon practiced among commoners to global celebrities.

At first, it is necessary to understand that yoga is multi-dimensional and vague knowledge. It has a various procedure for various goals I.e. procedures for physical fitness, mental fitness, and spiritual fitness. “yoga in daily life will help you to find and achieve harmony in body, mind, and soul by showing how these elements are interconnected and are what completes an individual’s sense of being.”(Doyouyoga). The process of yoga is completed through performing various asanas (Body postures) each unique to each other creating specific outcomes or changes within oneself.

Unbelievable Benefits of Yoga and Trekking For Seniors

People have claimed that yoga elementally changed their mind and mental state. Most people who have gone through extreme depression are recommended yoga by their specialists, which have been found very beneficial. The statement is backed by the research done by the Harvard who published that practicing yoga modulates the stress response controlling anxiety and depression. (Harvard mental health letter). Among many others, people also have practiced Dharana asana yoga for improving memory in the old ages, an asana known as Hatha has been practiced to reduce post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Yoga trekking for seniors has many benefits. Yoga trekking for seniors is very much important to keep their health hearty. Yoga is an investment for your health. Yoga can support old age. Besides, it improves breathing, decreases muscle pain, and increases stamina to fight against the diseases. Yoga for seniors is also important because it cultivates the habit of eating healthy foods. Likewise, many seniors adopt a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle by incorporating yoga in their daily life.

Yoga trekking for seniors has a broad spectrum of qualities, which have a positive impact on the soul also. Traditionally people often talk about how our soul becomes heavy with our mischievous acts, mind obscure and body unhealthy. The instructors of yoga assert that it helps us to attain inner peace by making one clam and strong to tackle the unavoidable stress that comes into life.

Mythology tells us that our soul is the main component of us, mind and body are with us for the time being but eternally we are the soul and will remain as thus till the end of time. Therefore, if we focus on empowering the soul, the mind and the body will itself follow the same path. Yoga can play a vital role in enjoying your present life, your surroundings, heightening your senses, clearing your thoughts and improving your emotional condition thus improving your relationship.

People involved in practising daily yoga have some traits that make them more efficient in various aspects of life than the non-practising counterparts. The investment of a certain time of your day for your mind, body, and soul creates the difference. After becoming fully diseased with stress and an unhealthy lifestyle, it is hard to regain the confidence and balance back in life, so we can conclude that yoga trekking for seniors is the preventable element for the stressful and imbalanced life. “Prevention is better than cure”.

We at provides a large number of options for yoga trekking for seniors. The information provided on the site is handy. We wish you a successful trip to you and your family. Yoga trek to Annapurna and Everest basecamp are our most attractive trekking places.

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