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Yoga Hike in Nepal

Overview Yoga Hike in Nepal

Are you planning to go for yoga hike in Nepal???

Here, we have provided the detailed information about experience yoga hike as well as listed some popular packages of yoga hike in Nepal.

Being the most alluring place, the country Nepal is also known for its adventurous tour of hiking, trekking and yoga. Nepal draws people here with its dazzling nature and also offers numerous adventurous practices. Since when Nepal has opened its border for the outsiders, the travellers, adventurers and mountaineers gets attracted towards the mystical and green mountains. Today, the amazing place of Nepal draws mob of yoga hikers and trekkers who loose themselves in the sacred tradition of Yoga while reconnecting with nature.

Grasp The Chance Of Yoga & Hiking in Nepal

Traditionally people used to think Yoga as a spiritual practice. Now a days, apart from achieving the spirituality, people also perform it to gain peace to mind and body. Yoga is a practice of mind and body which refreshes your mind and furnishes flexibility to your body. Yoga inherited from the country of Nepal. Yoga has many postures which includes breathing methods, physical positions, and meditation which also refers as relaxation. Both himalayas of Nepal and Birth place of Yoga attract us for yoga hike in Nepal.

Now a days, people regard Yoga as a part of daily physical exercise. The physical postures also enhance the improved control of mind and bring the well-being in one’s life. Practicing Yoga now escalated through worldwide. People are becoming used to it and consider it as one of the element of their lifestyle. The breathing methods and physical postures of Yoga involve different disciplines.

Branches Of Yoga:

There are totally six branches of Yoga which are been practiced traditionally as a belief to achieve spiritual potentiality. If you set a specific goal in your mind of practicing Yoga then it will help you decide which branch to follow. We normally follow Hatha yoga during our yoga hike in Nepal.

  • Hatha yoga: This particular branch of Yoga is delineated in such a way which controls the body as well as mind.
  • Raja yoga:This branch is especially meant for doing meditation practices which includes an array of disciplinary steps. These steps are also called as the “eight limbs” of yoga.
  • Karma yoga:It is a belief that practicing this branch of yoga enhances one to free from all sorts of negativity and selfishness.
  • Bhakti yoga:The branch of Bhakti Yoga creates a feeling devotion, positivity and prepares one to accept tolerance and achieve success.
  • Jnana yoga:It is a credence that executing this yoga form one can develop the intellectuality and can achieve the path of a scholar.
  • Tantra yoga:Implementing this form of Yoga is a belief to perform ceremony, ritual and it helps one to bind in a relationship.

Kinds Of Yoga:

There are numerous kinds of practicing Yoga today. Modern form has evolved centring on flexibility, exercise, strength, and breathing. Practising the different forms or one particular form can boost your energy level and enhances your well being. Some of the kinds of Yoga are mentioned below. Not a particular form is superior or authentic to another. Every class of Yoga is beneficial for you and you can choose any one of them as per your fitness. Further you can also perform all the classes of Yoga to remain fit in every way.

  • Ashtanga yoga:This kind of Yoga implements ancient yoga techniques which applies six postures of Yoga.  All of these are relevant to breathing process.
  • Bikram yoga: This class of yoga is termed as “hot” yoga. It contains 26 posses and two breathing exercises. The yoga form is usually performed in an isolated room at temperatures which is nearly of 105 degrees and 40 percent humidity.
  • Kripalu yoga:This type of yoga teaches the practitioners the ability to know, understand, learn and accept from their own body. The practitioner of Kripalu learns looking inward. This class initially start with breathing exercises and body stretches and then it follows sequences of poses and attains relaxation.
  • Sivananda:This class is based on five-point philosophy which includes diet, breathing, exercise, relaxation and positive thinking. Aligning all these together will shape a healthy yogic lifestyle. This form implies 12 basic asanas including sun salutations.

Nepal is a home to adventurous hiking and is the ideal place to acquire peace in your mind by practicing yoga. It is the magical destination of travelling and hence visitors find attraction towards it. It is a land of mountains, greeneries, snow peaks, monasteries and mantras and many more. The Nepalese are one of the factors for making Nepal a beautiful land for spending quality time. The hospitality furnished by Nepalese is of kind-hearted. They may not have much to provide you with but they treat you as their God. You will definitely leave Nepal by evoking in your heart a deep admiration for them.
Nepal invites practitioners from around the world for yoga and hiking tours. It provides yoga retreats for them to relax and revitalise themselves. People can de-stress and unwind themselves by hiking or trekking in the mountains of Nepal thereby performing Yoga.

Experience Yoga Hike in Nepal

The land of Nepal invites you to enjoy rejuvenating yoga and hiking. You will experience and learn a lot from the qualified instructors they provide for Yoga as well as Hiking. It is a big chance for the beginners to explore asana fundamentals in a nurtured environment.

Top 4 Yoga Hike in Nepal

1. 4 Days Yoga hike and Retreat in Kathmandu Valley

Here the practitioners will follow the Hatha style of Yoga. They will be provided with daily yoga classes, relaxing meditation session, jungle hiking, and many more. You will also be provided with suitable accommodation with nutritional daily meals. The basic language for communication will be English.

2. 15 Days Everest Base Camp Trekking and Yoga hike

This camp will also focus on Hatha style of Yoga. The mode of the language will be intermediate here. The practitioners will provided with daily yoga sessions, sightseeing tours with perfect guidance. They will also be taken to enjoy UNESCO World Heritage sites. Furnishing with suitable accommodations, the practitioners will also have daily delicious yet healthy meals.

3. 8 Days Ayurveda Balance and Yoga Retreat and hike

The devotees here can undergo Ayurvedic treatments and Yoga-philosophy lectures. They will have regular yoga and pranayama asanas. Along with that a meditation session will also go on. There will be daily hiking towards temples of Godawari. They will have daily vegetarian yet delicious meals and no non-vegetable food stuff will be provided. Apart from that the travellers will also be provided with snacks, tea, and fruits. The practitioners will perform Kriya, Ayurveda, and Karma styles of Yoga. The mode of language will be Nepali and English.

4. 2 Days Cultural Yoga & Wellness Trek in the Himalayas

Along with the daily experienced yoga sessions and meditation classes, the travellers will be furnished with daily meals and snacks. The travellers will also experience the hiking and trekking adventures. The skill level which will be used here is for the beginners and the intermediate ones. The core language will be Hindi, English and Nepali. The Yoga styles which will be practiced here are Hatha, Power, Dynamic, Restorative and Ashtanga.


Nepal is the gateway to reduce all your stress and refresh yourself. Halt yourself in the land of Nepal and be free for sometime from that busy city life and work schedules. We guarantee you that this exotic trip will strengthen you physically and emotionally and you will return by rejuvenating yourself. This journey will be your life’s best highlight.

Come to the land of Nepal for yoga hike and strengthen yourself with its purity!