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Reasons for going Why Yoga Trekking in Nepal

In this article, we are going to explain you Why yoga trekking in Nepal. As soon as you arrive in Nepal, you will just feel the ambiance of spirituality floating in the air of Nepal. As it is regarded as the land of god and goddesses. It is not just out of whim, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur are described as the towns of spiritual presence where there are temples, stupas, and holy shrines. Sometimes, it is said that there are more gods and temples in Nepal than the number of people combined.

Nevertheless, due to the growing urbanization, the places have turned in to the so-called concrete jungles where there are number of sprouting houses and buildings and road in the cities, notwithstanding such still the Kathmandu is filled with the number of ancient temples and stupas structures that stirs believe and faith in people lucky enough to visit the place.

There is a common notion that Nepal is a Hindu dominated nation, however, the notion is based on circular reasoning, Nepal is also the land of Light of Asia—because Gautama Buddha was born in Nepal and therefore the place has long been serving the major shrine for the Buddhism disciples. Among many regimens used by people to heal their mind, body, and soul, yoga is considered the best and the worlds’ wildest growing wellness treatment. Most importantly, due to the incorporation of spirituality in yoga makes it easily palatable in the fast-driven modern world.

Today yoga is said to be the world’s fastest-growing wellness regimen because it incorporates a sense of spirituality in today’s fast-driven modern world. Yoga is not only an elaborate system of physical exercises; it is a spiritual discipline, purporting to lead the soul to Samadhi, which is the total union oneself with the divine being. The literal meaning of yoga is to add or to connect. More interestingly, it means to connect the mind with the soul and body with the health. From joining the mind with the soul and body with the health, there are other verdant ways to define it. Nonetheless, the primary purpose of Yoga is liberation—meaning the freedom from Kleshas.

Benefits Of Yoga While Trekking

To have the earnest extents of life, there is the need for a jubilant mind, a heartful of love and an effervescent body. These three qualities are attained through yoga. Besides, when yoga is combined with the trekking it originates the mind, body, and soul. Yoga is not as easy as taking medicine or visiting a consultant or therapist. The person who wants to attain a joyful state of mind, with a heart full of love and a vivacious body, not a torpor body, then the person should follow the principles of yoga. The problem is one has to do it regularly, not haphazardly. A wise man is saying that if one needs to be alive he needs to breathe. If the person wants to be a physically healthy one, needs to do physical exercise. If a person wants to be nourished, he/she needs to feed a healthy diet. Therefore, yoga cannot be outsourced. Thus the person who sows yoga in their daily life, reap the benefits.

A Sanskrit word, Klesha means the intrinsic states of mind such as pride, anger, lust, jealousy, greed, and fear, which are the main causes of suffering. Every person on this earth is filled with Kleshas, irrespective of how much the person is moral, holy and ethical. It is embedded and the stimulus sprung them up. A German businessperson, Oskar Schindler, who once saved thousands of Jews from the Holocaust, iterated “War brings out the worst in people.”(Oskar Schindler, Rescuer of Jews during the Holocaust) He had employed the Jews in his factory to save from a Polish concentration. It was the subjugation over Klesha by the German businessperson that saved thousands of Polish people.

Yoga sows a continuously positive vibe within us. There are several scientific and spiritual explanations in Yoga. The vibration or frequency of continuous repetition of words like OM and other mantra vibrates in the frequency that evokes the physical and the mental health positively. Positivity leads to overwhelm our Kleshas. Furthermore, Yoga retreat brings us close to Mother Nature—the vital nature preserve for us. Yoga has a relationship with Panchatatva—the five elements: earth, air, water, fire, and sky, which are the precise foundations of our existence. Similarly, Trataka — where you concentrate on a specific pose at a single point of light— can help decrease the number of thoughts. (Meditation Podcast — Interviews with Mindfulness Experts | Live and Dare) By incorporating yoga regularly can improve posture and strength to fight against disease and increase flexibility. Last but not the least the significant benefit of yoga lies in its ability to reduce stress—both physical and mental stress.

There are numerous benefits of yoga trekking to the physical, mental and psyche health, therefore yoga trekking is the most essential addition to your daily life. We have come to a stage of an era where stress is the most common word where mental, physical as well as emotional intelligence has depleted. To overcome that incorporation of Yoga trekking once in a year is the most.

List Of Yoga Trek in Nepal

Nepal offers some of the awesome places for yoga trekking.

The Trek Nepal offers some of the awesome yoga trekking packages:

  1. Panchase Yoga Trek
  2. Sikles Yoga Trek
  3. Sirubari Yoga Trek
  4. Makalu Base Camp Yoga Trekking
  5. Rara Lake Yoga Trek
  6. Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek
  7. Everest Monastery Yoga Trek
  8. Annapurna Base Camp Yoga Trek
  9. Annapurna Sanctuary Yoga Trek
  10. Annapurna Circuit Yoga Trek
  11. Ghorepani Poon Hill Yoga Trek
  12. Jomsom Yoga Trek, Kopra Ridge Yoga Trek
  13. Mardi Himal Yoga Trek
  14. Gokyo Valley Yoga Trek
  15. Langtang Gosaikunda Yoga Trek

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