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Explore Nepal

Sandwiched between the two giant nations—China and India, Nepal is the place of mountains, jungles, spirituality, cultural diversity, biological diversity, and countless unexplored beauties. There are umpteen of things to do in heavenly Nepal. The Himalayan nation is the captivating destination for adventure sports lovers—hikers, trekkers, bungee jumping, zip flying, etc.

Apart from hosting the famous Everest Base Camp trekking, Nepal offers many trekking options. The undulating topography coupled with rugged track gives you unmatched trekking opportunities to the adventure lover. Based on our research and the experience collected from the thousands of trekkers from our company we have listed the top six things to do in heavenly Nepal.

Top 6 Things To Do in heavenly Nepal

1. Trekking and Mountain Climbing

Mountaineering in Nepal
Explore the Himalayas of Nepal

Among many things to do in heavenly Nepal, several tourists come for trekking. It does not matter whether you are a newbie in trekking or have multiple years of experience in trekking and climbing, Nepal provides you an opportunity to explore hundreds of options for trekking around the verdant hills of Nepal. The duration of the trek varies from a minimum of five days to a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks depending upon the availability of dates of the trekkers. Annapurna Base Camp trekking, Manaslu trekking, and Annapurna circuit trek are the best trek to offer in Nepal.

Many tourists come and do mountain climbing in Nepal. Just like trekking, Nepal offers numerous options for mountain climbers. Climbing the world’s tallest and treacherous peak Mount Everest requires experience and training. However, if you lack experience and is a novice to climbing we recommend you to climb Mera Peak or Island Peak instead. Mera peak and Island peak are 6000+ meters and can be aced by the climbers with less experience.

2. Explore National Parks Key Things To Do in heavenly Nepal

Visit National Parks
Explore National Parks

Nepal hosts ten national parks, three wildlife reserves, six conservation areas, and one hunting reserve. The national parks and wildlife reserves provide a huge opportunity to explore the biodiversity of Nepal which is unique in its aspects. Among many national parks—Chitwan National Park is considered the best national park not just because it is the first national park of Nepal but also because of the number of diverse species it hosts.

It is estimated that national park hosts over 500 species of migratory and non-migratory birds, one-horned rhinos and Bengal tigers are mundane to observe in the national park. Likewise, bears, elephants, crocodiles can also be observed in the National Park. Chitwan National Park is just one example, there are many other national parks and wildlife reserves that have their exemplary animals and birds to host.

3. Explore Pokhara: City of Lakes

Explore Pokhara City
Pokhara City

Exploring Pokhara is one of the most palatable things to do in heavenly  Nepal. Pokhara is the exemplary city of Nepal because there are numerous things to do in Pokhara. Starting from exploring the natural beauty like the lake, trekking around the Poonhill, Annapurna Circuit, and Base Camp, discovering beautiful and spiritual pagodas. There are several places in Nepal where you crave to visit umpteen of times, among them Pokhara is one of them. Likewise, mountain biking, sunbathing, zip flying is also popular things to do in heavenly  Nepal, Pokhara.

4. Helicopter tour in Mount Everest

Everest Helicopter Tour
Helicopter Tour

If you are afraid of exploring Everest by trekking and climbing. There is no need to be worry? There is an option for you to explore  Everest using a helicopter. The panoramic flight around the Himalaya offers you a once in a lifetime experience. The helicopter tour allows you to view the majestic peaks like Mt. Cho Oyu, Mount Pumori and Mount Ama Dablam in a stretch.

Important suggestion. Kala Patthar, the base camp of Mount Everest is popular for providing the 360-degree extensive view of enthralling mountains from the base level.

5. Rafting

Rafting in Nepal
River Rafting

Are you an adventure lover? Do you love rafting and kayaking? If yes, Nepal is the best place to offer you audacious rafting and kayaking experience. A lot of fast-flowing rivers allow you to do rafting; among them, Bhote Koshi River rafting and Trishuli river rafting are mostly palatable by the rafting and kayaking lovers. Trishuli and Bhote Koshi rivers are the best short river trips in the world. It is advised to bestow two to three days for exploring rafting and kayaking in Nepal. The experience gives you the adrenaline rush during the trip.

6. Visit Durbar Square in Kathmandu Valley

Durbar Square of Kathmandu
Visit Durbar Square

Among countless things to do in Nepal, visiting historically important Durbar squares is one of them. Namely, there are three durbar squares in the Kathmandu valley. The durbar dates back to almost 250 BC. The durbar squares not only have historical important palaces but also have a large concentration of temples and historical sites which are an artistic marvel of around 250 BC.

It is an exciting opportunity to visit such sites which offer historical places. Some of the exquisite attractions of the Durbar squares are the Golden Temple, Nyatpol temple, nine-storied temple, Datatraya temple, Kumbeshwar Temple. Inside each Durbar square, there are historically important museums that offer the ornate your visit to Durbar square inside the Kathmandu valley.