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There is a saying that ‘Health is wealth’. Everyone in the world wants to be healthy but they can’t get a healthy life. To be healthy, we have to follow certain rules in our life. We have to change our lifestyle to be physically and mentally healthy. If we follow these 27 Secrets of Healthy Life in our life, we can be healthy and happy all the time in our life.

27 Secrets of Healthy Life

List of 27 Secrets of Healthy Life

  1. Go to bed early before 10:00 pm and get up early in the morning before sunrise.
  2. When you awake in the bed before opening our eyes, you should determine inside your heart that, “Today, I will spend my day being positive.”
  3. Get up from the bed without opening your eyes from your right and sit down in Sukhasana. Concentration on your natural breathing as it is for 5 to 10 minutes. At last, rob your both palms, make them warm and put them in your eyes and open your eyes slowly.
  4. Before going to the toilet, drink 1 or 2 glass of water which is kept in the copper dish.
  5. Go to the toilet at the same time every day. Don’t force when you sit in the latrine. After finishing your latrine, shrink your anus, 10 to 15 times.
  6. Do your urine and latrine when it comes. If you stop your urine and latrine, that will invite many diseases in the future. It is also one of the Secrets of Healthy Life.
  7. Use a soft brush to brush your teeth. Brush your teeth moving the brush up and down in a slow motion. After brushing, clean your jaw with your finger softly.
  8. Bathe every day for a short period of time. You should bathe 1 hour before or 3 hours after your meal. You don’t have to bathe if your body is sweaty. You have to bathe after being dry your sweaty body.
  9. If the monsoon is preferable, stay in the sun in the morning and evening for about 15 to 20 minutes by wearing the minimum dress.
  10. Give 1 to 1 and half an hour to yourself for your healthy life in the morning. Do Yoga, Pranayama, meditation. You can go to morning walk for exercise. You have to go for a walk ( hiking and trekking) to the natural, open, silent and pleasing place. Breathe long and deep in the walking.
  11. Eat when you are hungry and chew well when you eat. Overeating is not good for your health.
  12. Drink water 3 to 4 litters every day. You don’t have to drink water before 1 or 2 hours and after 1 hour your meal. Drink water after and before half an hour eating your fruits. Drink 1 glass of water every hour.
  13. Eat bran mixed wheat flour bread or oatmeal or the rice of brown rice for the lunch with 2 or 3 types of vegetables. Take sprouted pulses of chickpeas and petite yellow lentils after your meal. Take salad of carrot, cabbage, cucumber, turnip, tomato etc after your meal. For the breakfast or snakes, take fruits and salads. Eat your evening meal as in your lunch. Use Ayurvedic food and apply ayurveda approach for the healthy lifestyle

Note: In your meal, you have to take 60 to 80 percent of vegetables and 20 to 40 percent of rice or bread.

  1. Take your evening meal 3 hours before you go to the bed. Maintain peace when you eat your meal. Switch off your TV and radio during your meal.
  2. Next Secrets of Healthy Life is, Sit in the Bajrasana for 10 minutes just after your meal. If it is difficult to sit in the Bajrasana at the first phage for a long time, sit for the short time and you can increase the time slowly for 10 minutes.
  3. You should take wheat or barley flour with bran instead of Farina. Use brown rice in the place of white rice. Use brown sugar and Sakkhar in the place of white sugar.
  4. Eat with pleasant and happy mood. If you are angry or sad or stressed, you have to wait until you become calm to eat.
  5. Rest after doing your work regularly for 3 hours. If you work in front of the computer or you do table work, do the exercise of your back, stretch your whole body and wash your eyes with cold and clean water, every hour.
  6. Laugh openly daily 1 or 2 times. It can eliminate your stress and make you strong.
  7. Wear soft cotton clothes. Wear woolen clothes on the cotton clothes. Tie belt or some clothes on your waist. Don’t wear shoes having heel because the shoes which has heel can bring pain in the back and in your nerves. Heel shoes can create the problem of the womb and discontinue the menstruation period for the women.
  8. Don’t sleep in the daytime. If you have to sleep, you should sleep only for half an hour.
  9. Bring positive thoughts to be free from all the tensions. Be optimistic all the time. Develop the habit of loving and helping others.
  10. Make your bed a bit hard. Don’t sleep on the soft bed. Take small pillow because big pillow can invite the problem of the back.
  11. Read the books of different subjects like literature, philosophy, health-related and other subjects you deserve in your leisure time. You can listen to the soft music. Utilize your leisure time in the creative activities.
  12. When you cook by standing, put your one foot on the bricks that you put there and one on the floor. If you can’t cook standing, you can cook sitting on the chair.
  13. Maintain your time for the Savasana to relaxation 1 or 2 times during the day. This can give you the relief from physical and mental tiredness.
  14. The environment of the room should be open, clean and airy. If the rays of the sun can enter into the room, that is the best room for you.

27 secrets of healthy life can change your life, if you seriously follow all secrets in your life. But don’t be worry; if you can’t apply all the secrets in your life, you can follow how many you can follow easily in your life. Don’t force yourself, if you don’t feel easy. Life is easy therefore take it easily.