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Namo Buddha, a stunning site located about 40 kilometers southeast of Kathmandu, is one of the most venerated Buddhist sites including Bouddha Nath and Swayambhu Nath in Nepal apart from Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha which carries the highest privilege and prestige in the world. Located in the surrounding of jungle and elevated terrestrial, the exquisiteness of this place has been embellished by the Buddhist Monasteries, Stupas, schools, colleges and publications. In addition to lately established structures and run programs, the place signifies the history of compassion and love shown to a tigress and its cubs offering a body by a prince in incalculable years ago. Since that period people were afraid of the tiger and wild animals while walking through this jungle. In order to dismiss their fear they uttered the word ‘Namo Buddha’ which literally translates, ‘I bow to the Buddha’ while they would come across that area. Since then the name of this place became Namo Buddha.

An appealing and enthralling charm of the area of Namo Buddha compels a person to wonder about the magnitude of the nature that has been created in this earth. The eye would get hypnotized by the fascinating beauty of the place. No sooner do you touches the area of Namo Buddha, you feel a cool air breezing around you and dangling of the pine trees beside of the road on slope hills stuns you more than anything else. While on the bus, you would see the beauty of the landscape as if you are watching a movie where an actors are dancing and driving the vehicles enjoying the mesmerizing beauty around. You would find yourself in the place of those actors while travelling through when you are in the corner and turning of the path heading to the vicinity of Namo Buddha. The atmosphere here is quite fresh and cleaner which would definitely relieve you if you’ve got exhausted by the crowd and chaotic environment of the city of Kathmandu.

As being on the higher position you could see the white glowing mountain on the northern side especially in the morning. To the south you would see the settlements. The majority of the residents of this place and surroundings are Buddhist followers. For an enthusiast who enjoys the meditative and tranquil environment for the meditation and observation, Namo Buddha can be the ultimate place. A sense of intimacy and level of vibration the site has preserved and spread is magnificent and amazing that you would be enticed once you enter into this historical and holy place.

You will enlighten your visit by visiting the Thrangu Tashi Yangtse monastery located in the surroundings. It was built in 1976 AD.  It is the main temple of this spiritual site. The monastery is six story building also embroidered by the golden roof on the top. The principle temple hall is positioned on the fourth floor. Having thirty six pillars treasured with bronze Buddha on the crown, the hall is hallowed with the idol of seven generation of Buddha. There is also a hidden sanctuary behind the main shrine. The five story building erected to the east of the main temple is the place for kitchen, reception rooms, dining rooms, store house etc. Medical clinic is situated to the southeast of the main temple where also one school for the young monks has been established. The area has also been crowned with typical construction made for the quarters of the monks. Nine stupas have been laid to the west of the main temple where a guest house is placed. Moreover, the figure made of Buddha also has been constructed having his first five disciples bowing in front of him on the way back from the stupa. In addition to such sanctified structure and place, this place has been enriched by the building of Dharmkara Publication to the northwest of the main temple. The Pure Land of Bliss called Dewachen Temple is also situated in this blissful precinct of the spirituality and serenity. A king of complete world or community in itself by its accessories and departments have been strengthened and ornamented by the monastic college situated to the northeast of the main temple.

The purpose either mere to visit and enjoy the panorama and nature or to meditate and experience some inner bliss and journey to the inner self or for some research and insights on Buddhist philosophy, schoolings, and cultural, historical and religious tradition of the people can be accomplished by your visit to this wonderful land of great compassion and love. The two caves are still adored and revered because of having the historical connection with the Great Being who sacrificed his body overwhelmed by the condition of the tigress, who couldn’t go anywhere to get the food because of being in the condition of giving birth of her cubs. The compassionate heart of a prince melted to offer his physical body to the tigress. Would you believe how a person can be such a kindhearted and bring the sense of unconditional love even for the animals!

If you have a plan to go to experience the benevolent vibration of Namo Buddha from Kathmandu, then you can take the bus which goes to Panauti along the way you travel past Koteshwor of Kathmandu and keep your journey to Bhaktapur. Finally, reaching to Kavre district which possesses the sacred and serene place called Namo Buddha. The estimated time to reach to the destination may take about 4 hours as the public bus stops in various stops along the road.  If you have got a taxi or any other reserve you follow the direct route which heads to Dhulikhel from Panauti which allows you to reach within two hours. Otherwise, you will have one stop at Panauti Bus stop and then you will take get on the bus which goes to Dhapcha through Dhulikhel.