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Family Trek In Nepal

Family trek in Nepal

Trekking is a wonderful activity. This is good for health from all aspects, mind, body as well as spirit. This activity when done with family is even more amazing. Family trek in Nepal is done by many people as they love to spend time with nature alongside their family. Nature is an amazing place that tightens the bond of family and relations. It even holds the bonds that are loosened tighter together. There are many places for a family trek in Nepal, and each of them is wonderful in its way. Some family treks in Nepal are exceptionally long while some are very short as well as average ones, the endpoint there are many to choose from the plate.


Trekking is the process where one must go into a far location and must hike for more than a day. If one goes to the location and returns on the same day, it is hiking and not trekking. Hiking for more than one day to go on a specific journey is called trekking. It is one of the most favored outdoor activities there is. In the past trekking was done by a few numbers of people, but at this age, the number of people who are involved in trekking is increasing.

Nepal and trekking

Nepal is one of the best destinations for trekking. The country is filled with giant mountains and magnificent hills. It is due to the presence of the Himalayas; it is the mountain range that passes from the north part of Nepal along with some of the near countries. The Himalayan range has most of the top mountains in the world.

Mountaineering and trekking have been some of the advantages of Nepal in the aspect of tourism.  Eight of the top 10 tallest peaks in the world belong to the country. Alongside the tallest peaks, there are also hundreds of other peaks and beautiful destinations that one can go trekking. The isolated mountains and lakes in the deep part of the Himalayas are the best destinations to go trekking with friends, with family, and sometimes even alone.

Trekking had surged in Nepal in the late ’70s when people of various countries arrived here to go to the mountains. Almost many places of Nepal provide a view of the Himalayas. Even from the capital city of Nepal Langtang range and other mountains can be seen. The trekking routes are here and there, from east Mechi to west Mahakali one can go trekking to various places.

Family trek in Nepal

Our family is a part of us. All of us have families while some are blood some are the bonds we form during our lifetime. More than blood it is the place where we belong, where we can rest, and which gives us the strength to fight the world, that is what a family is. Everyone needs their time with family, and it is incredibly special. People love to spend time with their family on their holiday. They often travel to various destinations to enjoy and spend time with their loved ones. Some go to luxurious resorts, some to destinations like the seas, some to holy places, and some take their family trekking.

Family trek in Nepal has become much popular in the past. With the trekking routes becoming much popular, safer and with better facilities increased people are being involved in.

Let us look at the few destinations, for a Family trek in Nepal:

Mardi Himal trekking

Mardi Himal lies between Annapurna and Macchapuchre in the mountain range. This trekking route has been most popular in the past and is best for a family trek in Nepal. The trek provides a magnificent view of the mountains from up close and takes us to the base camp of Mardi Himal.

The most amazing thing about this trekking is that it is noticeably short compared to the other trekking routes of the country. Mardi Himal trekking route lies near the famous Annapurna trekking route. It takes about 4 to 5 days to complete the route if moving slowly. A family trek in Nepal does not get a better destination than Mardi. The trek is beautiful, short, and well facilitated, which is best for family visits.

Poon hill trekking

Poon hill trekking is another destination that is best for family visits. It is immensely popular for its beautiful views and amazing destinations. If the list is made for a Family trek in Nepal poon hill surely gets on the list. Like Mardi Himal, poon hill trekking is also of 4 days starting from Pokhara. The destination of Poon hill trekking is the settlement called Ghorepani in the high hills. Ghorepani is an amazing settlement with many numbers of houses and a well-facilized place in the hills.

The night of the second day will be spent at Ghorepani. In the morning one hour hike will take the trekkers to the viewpoint called Poon hill and after viewing the mountains the trekkers will return to Ghorepani and return to Pokhara from there. On the viewpoint of poon hill, the trekkers can see the view of the majestic mountains like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Macchapuchre, and other beautiful mountains on the mountain range. With good accommodation, safe paths and majestic view of the mountains and sunrise poon hill is one of the best destinations for a family trek in Nepal.

Annapurna basecamp trekking

Annapurna basecamp trekking is a little bit longer than the previous trekking but still is one of the awesome destinations for a family trek in Nepal. The destination of this trek is the base of the mountain Annapurna. Annapurna is the world’s 10th highest mountain in world as well as one of the most dangerous mountains to climb in the world. The trek to Annapurna base camp is longer and harder than the trek that is mentioned above. The trekking destinations lie near Mardi basecamp but the trekking route one needs to take is much more different. The average number of days needed to complete this trek is 7 to 8 days.

Annapurna basecamp trekking is considered best not only in Nepal but in the entire world. This trek takes the trekkers into amazing terrains and gives the most amazing views one can think of. The trekking route to the top of the mountain is good as it is one of the popular routes and is frequently maintained by the people. The accommodation and facilities are also good. One can get the desired meal as well as a good luxury while being on this trek. The first destination on the journey is Ghandruk from where the walking part of the trek starts while the walking part will also finish after getting there.

The amazing view of the mountains is good to see with our family. The hardships of getting to the base of the mountain will bind them together. Also, it feels amazing to see such beautiful and amazing places with family.

Everest basecamp trekking

Everest is the highest peak in the world, what else is the perfect destination for a family trek in Nepal other than the basecamp of the highest peak in the world. This trekking route is even longer than the Annapurna basecamp trekking. The average time to complete Everest basecamp trekking is 11 to 14 days. For the experienced trekkers, it will be completed sooner while for the beginners and for those who are not adapted to the higher altitude it is best to extend the journey.

Unlike the previous trekking where vehicles were used before the starting of the walking part, Everest basecamp trekking airways in the middle. From Kathmandu to Lukla the trekkers need to travel by plane and walk from there. Everest is the dream of many people some want to climb it in their lifetime while some want to go near and see it standing before them with their own eyes. That is the reason Everest is the perfect destination for a family trek in Nepal. It is challenging and incredibly beautiful.

The challenge is the final element in the relations of the family. It may look like the thing that does not belong in the family but is the thing that continuously tests the family and binds them together. The journey to Everest may be what you need to warm the relation between the members. The mountain along with its mesmerizing view will give the family many things about which the memory of a lifetime is included.

On the path to Everest basecamp, various beautiful views can be seen. From nature to manmade all things are there. One of the sights to be seen is Namche Bazar which is the biggest settlement in the Himalayan region. The settlement on the top of the hill surrounded by the mountains Namche is something. The comforts of Namche with family are something to be experienced. Family trek in Nepal does not get better than Namche.

Why family trek in Nepal?

We have looked at some destinations for a family trek in Nepal. Now, let’s discuss why families trek in Nepal:


The topography of Nepal is mountainous and exceedingly difficult. Except for the Terai region in the lower region, it is covered with hills and mountains. We all know that hills and mountains are the elements that create a perfect environment for trekking. Plains are filled with human settlements and villages as it is a place that is extremely easy to live, travel, and has good agricultural land. The plains are populated as well as filled with roads where vehicles move.

However, in the mountainous terrain, it is difficult to construct the roads and most of them are isolated. There are some regions in the mountains where it is difficult for humans to live for a few days also. The difficult terrain and isolated area make it the ideal place to go trekking. The difficult topography of Nepal makes a family trek in Nepal a one-of-a-kind experience.

Friendly people

Nepalese people are also known for their friendly behaviors and warm gestures. The country is safe for travel even for international tourists. Locals care for their tourists and help them if any problem arises. Family trek in Nepal is safe for national as well as international tourists.

Tourism country

Nepal is a country with great tourism potential, the country has realized this and is trying to utilize its potential. While the country has yet to achieve its potential, it has come a long way from where it was in the past. A significant amount of people has been involved in the profession of tourism and the economy of the country is also highly dependent on tourism.

That is why alongside Nepalese people the government of Nepal is also serious about enhancing the condition of tourism in the country. Together with people, they work to make the country safer and better than what was in the past. Family trek in Nepal is amazing because the people as well as the government of Nepal are very much concerned about you and your well-being.

Natural beauty

Nepal is known in the world for its natural beauty. The country is green in almost all of the places except in the high Himalayas which is white and majestic. Be it the high mountains, the beautiful hills, or the green plains Nepal is filled with enchanting beauty in all of its parts. During trekking in various places, the trekkers can taste the beauty of various things. White peaks, massive glaciers, green forests beneath the mountains, the lakes, and ponds formed by the water from glaciers are the sight to be seen in a lifetime. During a family trek in Nepal to see all that with your family will feel amazing.

Taste of Culture

Nepal has distinctive culture and heritage. The country in the mountains has quite the culture which the people from the western side or other parts of the world may find unique. When going for a family trek in Nepal, alongside the tase for the natural beauty the trekkers will get the taste of culture and way of living of people. Also, if by chance the trekkers got to Nepal during the festivals and celebrations, they will see what Nepalese culture and traditions look like. Getting a taste of the new culture and traditions together will make family members will feel truly wonderful.