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Wild East Rodung La Trek

Overview – Wild East Rodung La Trek

Wild East Rodung La Trek

History has portrayed Bhutan as a land of ancient Buddhism but covered by the culture, in the wilderness that goes unnoticed to the common eye. This Wild East Rodung La trek will take you deep into the eastern part of Bhutan, where you’ll get to live the nomadic lifestyle and explore untainted nature. Bask in the glory of centuries-old temples and deserted forts that tell the story of an ancient time. Admire the scenery of huge icy shards that decorate the blue sky and find yourself in a state of pure bliss.

Highlights of Wild East Rodung La Trek

The Wild East Rodung La trek takes 2 weeks to complete. It may seem long but once you’ve completed it, you’ll be wanting more. Commence the journey by initially arriving at Bhutan and after getting all the formalities sorted, head out to Jakar. The drive can be excruciatingly long. One silver lining, the view of the roads and greenery is stunning. Jakar is a historically rich town with sites like Chakhar Lhakhang. Interact with the locals and then start traversing the forested trails. Pass by the Thangbi Lhakhang which dates back to the 13th century. Learn the history from the locals and as you move ahead, you’ll find yourself at the summit of the Phephe La Pass. Relish at the sight of the entire valley from here and then stop at the 16th-century village, Ogyen Choling Manor.

Explore the ancient museum here and after observing the artifacts, conquer the road leading to Pemi. The hard climb starts as you climb the Rodung La. The road crosses gorges and many cliffs, adding a bit of uncertainty to this journey. Cross the Zerim La in the same manner and reach Menji. Breathe a sigh of relief as the road is not that tough and elevation is also low. The final days of the trek see you walk alongside the hilly trails that are prone to human. Cross Pemi and Taupang to arrive at Trashi Yangtse and leave Bhutan once you reach Paro. To say this journey is terrific would be an understatement. To truly understand the trek, we advise you to take it.


Day 1: Arrive at the Paro International Airport, Bhutan. (2250m)
Day 2: Drive from Paro to Jakar. (2587m) Distance covered: 299.5 km by bus
Day 3: Trek from Jakar to Ngang Lhakhang. (2800m) Trek for 6-7 hrs. Distance covered: 20 km
Day 4: Trek from Ngang Lhakhang to Ogyen Choling (2850m) by crossing Phephe La Pass. (3353m). Trek for 6-7 km. Distance covered: 12 km
Day 5: Trek from 0gyen Choling to Phokphey (3680m) Trek for 5-6 hrs. Distance covered: 17 km
Day 6: Trek from Phokphey to Pemi (2950m) Trek for 6-7 hrs. Distance covered: 20 km
Day 7: Trek from Pemi to Khaine Lhakhang (2010m) Trek for 7-8 hrs. Distance covered: 21 km
Day 8: Trek from Khaine Lhakhang to Tangmachu (1720m) Trek for 6-7 hrs. Distance covered: 18 km
Day 9: Trek from Tangmachu to Menji (1830m) Trek for 4-5 hrs. Distance covered: 16 km
Day 10: Trek from Menji to Pemi (2450m) Trek for 5-6 hrs. Distance covered: 20 km
Day 11: Trek from Pemmi to Taupang (2450m) Trek for 7-8 hrs. Distance covered: 21 km
Day 12: Trek from Taupang to Trashi Yangtse (1730m) Trek for 8-9 hrs. Distance covered: 24 km
Day 13: Drive from Trashi Yangtse to Thimpu (2334m). Distance covered: 182 km by bus
Day 14: Drive to Paro and depart from Bhutan