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Jhomolhari Trek

Overview – Jhomolhari Trekking

Jhomolhari Trek

Jhomolhari trek gives trekkers a chance to explore the secluded far northwestern side of the kingdom of Bhutan. This strenuous yet very fulfilling trek does not only give you a spectacular view of the 7314m high Jhomolhari peak from the camp at Jangothang. But takes you through narrow valleys to wide-open yak pastures, across high passes to closed-in winding river valleys, through villages and old ruins of dzongs to yak herders’ camps, from high alpine mountains to semi-tropical forests. The 12-day trip is a brief overview of all that the magical kingdom of Bhutan has to offer aside from its city luxuries. The trek ranging from the altitude of 2500 meters to 4900 meters gives us the chance to study the various aspects of life at the rural parts of Bhutan.

Highlights of Jhomolhari Trek

The hike traditionally begins at the ruins of the monastery of Drukgyal Dzong. Climb up the ridge at the Nyelela Pass and enjoy stunning views of Jhomolhari, Jichu Drake, and Tshrim Khang mountains and descend to a valley of Lingshi. All along the road, you’ll find the places decked with the blue-green red colours of the Buddhist prayer flags. This route is sure to clear your doubts about the reason that people who’ve visited Bhutan do not want to leave. Often called the “Last Shangri-La”, the Jhomolhari route gives an adventure seeker all the necessary thrill and adventure there is to be given. This 12-day package is specifically designed to provide you with maximum satisfaction. It allows you to explore, experience and observe the typical Himalayan lifestyle and the natural treasure that this tranquil country has to offer.

Experience living in places ranging from a comfortable hotel room to camping in the ruined fortress of at the base of Mt. Jumolhari. Take in the abundant flora and fauna and just enjoy all that this place has to offer. The best part of this route is that it has a lot of roads less travelled. So one can get to experience making of their own paths and trails. The trekkers will often come across remote paths ladened with unviolated nature and very less human contact aside from the group itself. Interested individuals are suggested the month of April and October to conquer this trail. As usually on these months the weather is best suited for travel except for the yearlong chilly wind above Jangothang. The monsoons are a direct no for this trail as the narrow muddy trails are sure to turn off your mood.


Day 1: Arrive at the Paro International Airport
Day 2:
Trek to Shana (2870m): 5-6 hrs
Day 3: Trek to Soi Thangthangkha (3800m): 6-7 hrs
Day 4: Trek to Jangothang (4040m): 6-7 hrs
Day 5:
Jangothang – Halt
Day 6: Trek to Lingshi (4150m): 6-7 hrs
Day 7: Trek to Shodu (4110m): 7-8 hrs
Day 8: Trek to Barshong (3785m): 4-5 hrs
Day 9: Trek to Dolam Kencho (3290m): 4-5 hrs
Day 10: Drive to Thimpu
Day 11: Thimphu Sightseeing
Day 12: Departure from Paro International Airport