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Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

Overview – Bhutan Dagala Trek




Bhutan is known for its extreme wilderness and a diverse culture that is mysterious and at times fascinating. The most effective way to explore every aspect of the many mysteries that Bhutan holds is through a trek. Lucky for you, we have a trek that will provide you more than you can imagine.

We present to you the Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek. Unlike its counterpart like the Chomolahari trek, this trek is made for the abled traveller. Brace yourself for a journey that will take you across serene crystalline lakes and avalanche-prone areas along with cinematic displays of Bhutanese ice giants like Chomolahari, Masang Gang and others.

This trek will truly be a testament to your strength and will and only those who have the courage can complete it and be blessed with tranquillity.

The journey commences once you arrive at Bhutan where you’ll be blasted with fresh air and scenery. More than 60% of the country is forested so there is no shortage of fresh air here. Explore the Rinpung Dzong and admire this mythical Buddhist fortress that is beautifully decorated with golden shrines.

Get a brief insight into the prevalent culture of the Bhutanese people as you read and observe the descriptions of relics in the National Museum of Bhutan. Away from the bustling city, the road takes you along the serpentine highway and into the medieval village, Genekha.Eat the delicious local mushrooms for strength and commence the walk-through coniferous vegetation and terraced land.

The pristine Thimpu river will be your companion and the sound of chirping birds will be music throughout the trek.

Sightseeing Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

The vegetation slowly transcends from greenery to barren icy one. You can observe snow and yaks which signal that you are on the harder aspect of the trek. Battle through frost and cold winds to reach the iconic Pagalabtsa La Pass and from here, marvel at the sheer magnitude of the Dagala range.

You can even see Mount Kanchenjunga from here. The pass is marked with a sign and prayer flags. Spend a day in Labathama where you will learn the culture of the mountain folks and the next day, head out to cross the Labajong La Pass. The road is treacherous with many slips but after you cross it, you are blessed with gorgeous views of Khangbum, Masagang, Tsendegang, and Gangchenta.

The final test is the Tale La pass which demands 110% concentration. From here, the trail mostly descends and goes through green forests. Take a much-needed rest at a hotel in Thimpu and then head out to Paro for your ultimate departure. Rather than a trek, this trip will prove to be an indispensable aspect of your life.


Day 1: Arrive at the Paro International Airport, Bhutan (2200m)
Day 2: Drive from Paro to Genekha and begin the trek to Gur (3710m). Trek for 6-7 hrs. Distance covered: 30 km by bus and 8 km by walking.
Day 3: Trek from Gur to Labathama by crossing the Pagalabtsa La Pass (4300m). Trek for 4-5 hrs. Distance covered: 9 km
Day 4: Acclimatization at Labathama
Day 5: Trek from Labathama to Pangkha by crossing the Labajong La pass. (4400m) Trek for 6-7 hrs. Distance covered: 11 km
Day 6: Trek from Pangkha to Talakha by crossing the Tale La Pass. (4185m) Trek for 5-6 hrs. Distance covered: 8 km
Day 7: Trek from Talakha to Thimpu. (2320m). Trek for 2-3 hrs. Distance covered: 6 km
Day 8: Sightseeing in Thimpu
Day 9: Drive to Paro and then depart from the Paro International Airport