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5 Days Palpa Tour, Nepal

5 Days Palpa Tour, Nepal

Palpa is one of the most beautiful cities in Nepal. The city is located on the west side of Kathmandu valley and is one of the famous destinations of Nepal. It is famous for its history and locations. It has got beautiful settlements, historical landmarks, as well as some of the holiest places in the country. Palpa tour may not be the most popular tour the country has to offer today, but it certainly has every element and aspect to be so.

The travelers will get to Kathmandu valley by flight. They will need to go to Kathmandu valley to go to Palpa as the capital city of the country has the only international airport in the country. They will be received by the staff of the hotel and will be taken to the hotel directly from the airport. There they will be given plenty of time to rest and recover their energy. In the evening they will be given a description of the entire Palpa tour and the activities they will be doing through the trek.

Day 1 of Palpa tour

On the 1st day of the Palpa tour, our travelers will wake up at Kathmandu valley and make their way towards Palpa. In the morning the travelers will get up and prepare themselves for the long trip ahead. The distance between Kathmandu and Palpa is about 260Km. They have to be on the road for about 9 hours to get to Palpa from Kathmandu.

This is a rough estimation based on the distance and average speed of the vehicle, the time may vary according to vehicle density on the road, weather, and driver as well as some other factors. After leaving Kathmandu valley in the morning the travelers will reach Palpa in the evening time. The night of the 1st day of the Palpa tour will be spent at Tansen.

Day 2 of Palpa tour

On day 2 of the Palpa tour, the travelers will wake up at Tansen. Tansen is the center of the Palpa district. It is a huge settlement in the high hill of Nepal that is famous for various reasons. Travelers will wake up at Tansen and spend the morning time looking at the hills surrounding the area from the place of their stay.

After some time, they will leave Tansen to go and visit Rani Mahal. Rani Mahal is one of the main attractions of Palpa and is also known as the Taj Mahal of Nepal. The palace lies on the bank of the Kali Gandaki River and is very famous for its beauty, location as well as history. The distance is 16Km and will be reached within one hour.

Aside from the Palace, the sandy bank of Kali Gandaki is also very famous. After visiting the palace, the travelers will enjoy Kali Gandaki and the nature around the palace. After that, they will return to Tansen. In the evening time, travelers will visit some of the places of Tansen.

Day 3 of Palpa tour

On day 3 of the Palpa tour, the travelers will wake up at Tansen. On this day the travelers will explore Tansen. Tansen has various places that act as the tourism center. Palpa durbar (Famous palace of Palpa made by the Rana ruler of the country and is also a museum), Amar Naran temple (Temple of Lord Vishnu that was made by Amar Singh Thapa as he was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu.

The temple is the epitome of art, crafts, and architecture), Shital Pati, Bhagwati Temple (The temple that was built to celebrate the victory against British troops), Amar Jung Ganesh Temple (Another temple built by Amar Singh Thapa), Taskar (It is the place where for centuries the work of bronze and brass work is done, another thing for which Palpa is very famous.

All these places will be visited along with the visit of the entire settlement of Tansen. Also, on this day the travelers will visit Srinagar hill to have a taste of the nature around Palpa. Since the locations are located very near to one another it won’t be that difficult to visit these places in one day. The night of the 3rd day of the Palpa tour will be spent at Tansen.

Day 4 of Palpa tour

On day 4 of the Palpa tour, the travelers will be going to various places in Palpa outside Tansen. The first destination the travelers will be going to is Ridi which is the joining place of two rivers Kali Gandaki and Ridi. It is considered one of the holiest places of Nepal and is often called one of Chaar Dham’s of Nepal. Various temples in these regions are considered very holy. Ramadi (It is another holy site located at the bank of Kali Gandaki River.

It is famous for the cave temple where people offer milk for the protection of their cattle), Bagnas hill (This hill is 20 minutes drive from Tansen and provides a magnificent view of the surroundings), Madan Pokhara (It is a beautiful village that is located 7Km away from Tansen) are other few beautiful destinations located on Palpa. On day 4 of the Palpa tour all of these locations will be visited and a few other locations which describe the beauty of the Palpa district.

Day 5 of Palpa tour

This is the final day of the Palpa tour. Travelers will return to Kathmandu from Palpa. Like the day they got to Palpa from Kathmandu, everything will be the same, but the location and path taken will be reversed. As the distance is long the travelers will get up early in the morning and begin their journey. At about 9 hours the travelers will get to Kathmandu valley ending the Palpa tour.